Chris Brown Agrees to let Woman Accusing him of Sexual Assault Inside his L.A. Mansion

Posted On : April 17, 2019

Chris Brown is not new to lawsuits–over the years the singer has been targeted with multiple lawsuits of various sorts. The case in point is an alleged sexual assault that occurred at his home in California in 2017.

The Backstory

The woman suing Chris Brown, remains nameless and is listed as “Jane Doe” says met one of Brown’s friends, Lowell Grissom, back in February 2017 while partying at 1 Oak nightclub in Los Angeles.

Doe and her friend ended up back at Chris Brown’s home in Los Angeles for an after-party, and claim their phones were taken away before Brown plied “cocaine, ‘Molly,’ and marijuana” on the guests.  Doe says she saw Brown and Grissom with “multiple guns in the house,” and that Brown carried one gun in his waistband and brandished it openly.

The civil lawsuit alleges sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault, hate violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

Doe claims that the party ended up in one of the bedrooms, and that Brown instructed Grissom to “push a couch in front of the bedroom door” to prevent anyone from leaving.  She says Brown began playing pornography loudly on his television to “create a hyper-sexualized” environment before taking off his clothes and engaging in sexual activities with the women in the room.

The document say Doe and one other woman did not want to partake in the sex, and wanted to leave, but claim they were denied (The Blast)

As part of the on-going legal process, Brown agreed to let the woman suing him come and inspect his mansion. 

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