Chris Rock’s Marriage Ended Badly, But They’re Proud Of Their Naturally Beautiful Daughters

Posted On : May 28, 2019

Daughter,  Zahra Savannah Rock…

Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock’s daughter, Zahra Savannah Rock, 15 [via Chris Rock’s Instagram]
When Chris Rock recently wished his daughter, Zahra Savannah Rock, a happy 15th birthday online, her natural beauty and rapid growth spurt in the above photo, took fans by surprise. In addition to the surprise factor of their elusive child, Chris wanted to make one thing very clear – that although Zahra may look just slightly older than her age, she is ONLY 15:

“Happy Birthday to my baby girl Zahra. You make me so happy. Btw she’s 15.”

Rock’s reiteration of his daughter’s age was seemingly a subliminal message to any of his lurking 20-something year old fans who may have gotten it twisted, LOL.

Daughter, Lola Simone Rock…

Chris and Malaak’s daughter, Lola Simone Rock, 16 [via Chris Rock’s Instagram]
We also decided to do a lil’ diggin’ to see what Chris and Malaak’s eldest daughter,  Lola Simone Rock, has been up to. Turns out, she’s even more elusive than her baby sis, Zahra. But y’all know that didn’t stop us from finding at least one recent photo of her, chillin’ with her Dad…and she is also a beautiful young lady, as you can see in the above pic.

Meet Daughter, Ntombi…

Chris and Malaak’s adopted daughter, Ntombi, 11 [via Malaak Rock’s Instagram]
Speaking of Lola Rock, she recently helped her moms, Malaak, plan her adopted sister, Ntombi’s 11th birthday party and it looks like all four of them had a blast. Check out the Rocks’ youngest princess, Ntombi, at her b-day party …

Malaak Compton-Rock (top row, center) with her and Chris’ daughters, Zahra and Lola (top row); and Ntombi (bottom, center) [via Malaak’s Instagram]

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