You Thought You Knew Chrisette Michele? Not Until You See This!

Posted On : December 18, 2015


“I’ve been getting this money / Been pushing these whips / Busting out the bando / Watch me flick my wrist,  I’m flexing on your heads now / I know, I know, I know, you know / Watch me get these checks now.”

Now that may sound like the lyrics from Nicki Minaj’s latest single, but that would be a snippet from Chrisette Michele’s new song, “Steady”. It is a perfect blend of “Trap Soul” recently released on her independent label, Rich Hipster.


Now before you old schoolers start getting all “old school” and saying stuff like, “I wish Chrisette would go back to her first sound”, this is a newly engaged and playful Chrisette Michele that will NOT disappoint.

“I’ve been included in great hip hop collaborations from Jay Z & Rick Ross to Drake and Wale. I’ve done soul records with Eric Benet and Kem and then Jazz with Robert Glasper.

I believe my fans have seen me in many different spaces over the years and I’m confident that they understand by now that for me, music is a playground.

This particular moment is playful. I’m in a positive space, newly engaged and feeling full of possibility. Milestone, the album will be full of great vocals and fun surprises.”

Don’t forget, this woman can SANG, and even when she tames it down a bit, and puts you in the mood to just mellow out on a Friday evening, while sipping Pineapple Ciroc, or Jack on the rocks, Chrisette will set the vibe with the “Sexy Trap” vibe.

Check out the single on Soundcloud, and after Chrisette’s wet your whistle a little, be sure to buy the single on iTunes or Google Play.

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“I’m ready to play,” said the songstress. “I miss being a choreographer. I miss my leather pants. I miss being excited. I love my ballads and there will be some in this new album, Milestone, but it’s time to let my hair down and step outside of the box. I can’t wait to share.”