Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Get Soaked By Dwayne Wade; The Memes Are Endless!

Posted On : April 10, 2019

Teigen herself recognized the brilliance, retweeting the photo, which she called “a renaissance painting. “She also said it was “an honor” to have her drink splashed all over her by a legend of an athlete.

Legend also took to Twitter shortly after the collision to share a video in which he smiled while showing off his cocktail-splattered face.

“I still got my drink,” Legend proudly declared in the clip. He was holding up what little remained of whatever he was sipping on as his wife tried to wipe some of the drink off his forehead.

Teigen and Legend were seated next to Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, and the new America’s Got Talent judge. Everybody was super supportive and feeling great energy as Wade played his last game. All night Union loudly cheered him on and even gave him a playful booty pat after scoring a three-pointer.