Ciara’s Baby Daddy, Future, Coming For Her In Court Over $500,000 Claim…

Posted On : September 23, 2016

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Rapper, Future, is yet again calling his ex, Ciara’s, bluff. This time it’s regarding her whopping $15 million defamation lawsuit against him. Future says that Ciara is lying about having lost a $500,000 cosmetics deal as a result of his prior disses in songs towards her…allegedly….
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Via TMZ: Future had nothing to do with Ciara losing a huge paycheck — if there ever was one — so it shouldn’t be part of her lawsuit against him … according to the rapper. […] Ciara says her baby daddy cost her half a million bucks by trash-talking her and scaring an international cosmetics company away from doing business with her.

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Future believes the whole cosmetics story is B.S. … and in docs he says Ciara has no proof any such deal fell apart. Further, he points out she hasn’t even said which company was supposedly courting her. Ciara’s $15 mil defamation suit against Future is still in play, but he wants the judge to at least dismiss this part of her claims.

Future with he and Ciara's adorable son, Future Jr.
Future with he and Ciara’s adorable son, Future Jr.

Geesh! $15 million is a lot of bread! I mean, even if the judge does side with Future about the $500K, that’s merely a dent in that $15 mil’…$14.5 mill’ is still a whopper! Whatever Future did to make Ciara leave him, has caused some major drama between them.

Ciara with her new husband, NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson
Ciara with her new husband, NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson

Suddenly I can’t get Johnnie Taylor’s old school jam outta my head, “It’s Cheaper To Keep Her.” I guess for Future, that’s a lesson learned…if Ciara gets her way in court. We’ll keep y’all posted on this.

Take us out Johnnie T….