Ciara’s ‘Exes’ Are Boldly Beefin’ On Instagram…And She Just Got Dragged Into It

Posted On : June 13, 2019

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Ciara is the MVP when it comes to leaving past relationships behind. She’s entered into a slew of ill-fated relationships, eventually leading to her marriage and happily ever after with Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson. And while she continues to serve as the definition of the term, Level Up, two of her former lovers, 50 Cent and Bow Wow, are currently beefin’ on Twitter. Interestingly, they’ve now dragged Ciara into the middle of their Twitter battle.

Two Dodged Bullets

Ciara and Bow Wow’s relationship lasted from 2004 until 2006. Bow recently admitted that he and Ciara were engaged to be married, yet infidelity ultimately curved their trip down the aisle. Soon afterwards, Ciara was romantically linked to 50 Cent, and the rumors only further increased after they collaborated on their hit single, “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone”

Their relationship ended in 2010, although according to Cheat Sheet Ciara admitted that the two of them were never in a relationship at all.

“He’s been my best friend for years … That’s pretty much the situation,” she told talk show host, Wendy Williams. “I haven’t really had the chance to do like dating over the years from my relationship with the young Bow [Wow]. I just really want to take my time, because that’s what it’s about.”

Perhaps Bow and 50 have some unresolved feelings from both being the ones who let Ciara get away, and they’re taking their issues out on each other via social media, because the two of them are now locked into a back and forth beef over money.

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