Cissy Houston Implies She Won’t Use Drastic Tactics To Save Bobbi Kris

Posted On : May 10, 2015

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Cissy Houston (Bobbi Kris’ grandmother) did an interview with Entertainment Tonight on yesterday (5-10-15), one day after the verdict was made regarding the co-guardianship of Bobby Kristina between Bobby Brown and the Houston family. She spoke out about what she thinks about how the decisions regarding Bobbi Kristina’s life should be approached.

It sounds like Bobby Brown and the Houston family are on two separate sides of the fence because Bobby Brown has indicated that he will do everything in his power to keep his daughter alive and Cissy Houston has indicated that she isn’t necessarily willing to take those same drastic measures to save Bobbi Kristina.

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Although Bobbi Kris’ is in fact awake, just as it was previously confirmed by both the Brown and Houston families, Cissy Houston said there is very little progress. We know that Bobby and Cissy both love Bobbi Kris immensely, but we want you to take a look at this ILOSM family and tell us if you think Cissy is giving up, or if she is approaching it realistically:


“[Bobbi Kristina] is the same. She’s not progressing at all,” Houston, 81, told ET’s Kevin Frazier. “When I go there and look at her, [it’s] very difficult.”

Houston said that Whitney and Bobby Brown’s only child isn’t “gone yet,” but did appear to be ready if Bobbi Kristina tragically passes away. “Because I have nothing to do with that. Whatever the Lord decides,” she continued. “It’s His territory, and I understand it. It’s…very difficult for me. But I’ll make it. I made it through [Whitney,] I’ll make it.”

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“I’d like to thank everybody who was praying. Who really knows the worth of prayer and I’m sure it’ll get through,” Houston told ET. “I’m just waiting for whatever happens. We go to the hospital every day and pray and I talk to her because she can still hear and I rub her hand. We do what we can do. The rest is…all up to Him. We know nothing about His plan…All I can do is hope for the best.”

Houston’s latest update comes just one day after it was confirmed to Us Weekly that Bobby, 46, and Pat Houston have been appointed co-guardians of Bobbi Kristina.

“It came alright. It was fine,” Houston said of the new development. “We’re a family that works together for the best. You want the best for whomever or everybody we can.”


According to TMZ, here is what Pat Houston said about this…