Clifton “Pinky” Powell Shows His Young Rapper Girlfriend & Beautiful Grown Daughter

Posted On : October 29, 2017

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Actor, Clifton Powell (62), is one of the most talented, diverse actors of our generation, who is far too underrated in our opinion. Whether we’re talking about his dramatic roles as Ray Charles’ right hand man, Jeff Brown, in the classic film, Ray. Or whether we’re talking about his hilarious, pink suit wearing character, “Pinky,” in Next Friday and Friday After Next, Powell is the TRUTH on screen!

When he’s not working on one of the 100+ movies he’s starred in, he’s dedicated to his other important roles in REAL life- that of a devoted daddy and as a loving boyfriend. Powell has two kids- a son and daughter- with his estranged wife (or maybe ex-wife…not sure if they’re just separated or divorced), Kimberly Powell. He also has the current love of his life on his arm, who is much younger than his 61 years. The things that recently caught our attention about Powell, are the two beautiful women in his life- his daughter and his girlfriend.

His Model Daughter

We’ll first start with his beautiful daughter, just in case any of us needed a reminder of just how Old School we really are these days. Her name is May Powell and it seems like just yesterday that we saw her and her brother, Clifton Jr., walking the red carpets with their daddy, looking like this…

Throwback sat me and my babies at the First Sunday Primiere

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Now his daughter has grown all the way up. She’s a model and Clifton couldn’t be more proud of his baby girl. In a recent post he asked his fans to support May and her beautiful chocolate skin:

itscliftonpowell: Yll better Chk out my beautiful daughter Maya!!!!! Dark And Lovely!!!!!!!!! 🙏🏿❤️ Her first Modeling/Video Shoot. @watchmayass

His Rapper Girlfriend

In New Orleans hanging w/my girl Kita B @kovergurl_kitab love you baby ❤️

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Now here’s the next shocker, or maybe not…depending on who you ask. Clifton Powell and his girlfriend are happily in love. Her name is Kita B. and surprisingly, she is a rapper.

It’s unclear how much younger she is in comparison to her man, “Pinky,” but it’s clear to see that it isn’t a stretch to assume she’s young enough to be his daughter. The bottom line though is that they are both in love and that’s all that matters.

A few more fun facts about Kita B. is that she loves fitness, tattoos, and her cool little son (from a previous relationship). She also loves partying with her bae’ on the regular…

His Son

And of course we can’t ignore Clifton Powell Jr., who has sprouted all the way up in height, even way past his pops these days. Like his lil’ sis,’ May, Clifton Jr. also has a great relationship with their Pops.

Clifton Powell with his son, Clifton Jr.

Some of y’all may recall the hilarious video we shared a while back of Jr. enticing his dad to do an impromptu “Pinky” impersonation for the ‘Gram. Without hesitation, Clifton Sr. turned on his “Pinky” act, as they were driving in the car and we LOVED it!

Check them out below…

Pops got wisdom..😂

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Overall, Clifton Powell Sr. is proud of his babies and loves his lady. He is also a great example of what a true father looks like and it’s cool to see the more softer side of Clifton, the man, as opposed to just Clifton Powell the legendary actor.