“Color Purple” Actress Celebrates 21st Birthday Of Her & John Singleton’s Gorgeous Daughter

Posted On : April 11, 2018

ILOSM fam,’ before we get into the beautiful young lady that director John Singleton (50), created with his ex-wife/actress, Akosua Busia (51) a.k.a. “Nettie” (“Celie’s” sister) from “The Color Purple,” we must first kick this thing off with the song that is forever reminiscent of that film, for nostalgia’s sake. Sing it with us now: “Me and you, us never part. Makidada. Me and you, us have one heart. Makidada. Ain’t no ocean, ain’t no sea. Makidada. Keep my sister away from me.”

Now that we got that throwback classic outta our system, let us introduce you to the young lady whom is making her superstar parents proud today…

Meet Their Now 21 Year Old Daughter

We informed y’all, a few years ago, that “Nettie” and John Singleton -who first blasted onto the Hollywood scene with his 1991 classic, Boyz ‘N The Hood”- dated for quite a while and ultimately married on October 12, 1996. The then 30-year old Ghanian, West African born, Akosua, and then 28-year old California native, John, seemed like the perfect couple. But unfortunately, just a year after marriage, they divorced.

John Singleton (via Getty Images)

Their beautiful blessing that happened during their union, was that their daughter, Hadar Busia-Singleton, was born (April 3, 1997). She was cute as a button back in the day, but a few days ago, she reached a milestone, by celebrating her 21st b-day. To kick off her b-day celebration, Hadar and her mother had a small get-together with family and friends and the love in the room was real for Hadar’s big day. Peep theb-day celebration video below…

Parents’ Past Problems

Although John Singleton and his ex-wife seem very cordial now, there was some tension between them, regarding their daughter and her education. As we previously reported, in July 2015, Akosua Busia took Singleton to court, demanding that he step his parental game up for Hadar, who was primarily raised in Ghana.

Via Bossip: Busia said under the terms of their divorce, Singleton was supposed to pay for the girl’s education. But Busia said she had to front the tuition money when he didn’t, and she wants the Boyz In The Hood director to pay her $204,056—the amount she said she’s owed for their daughter’s education and after school activities for the over 12 years—and pay her $30,000 lawyer fees.

Singleton & Busia Reunite For Daughter’s Graduation

Thankfully, the past issues Akosua and John had in 2015, were resolved by the following year. At least that is what it appeared to be when the two former lovebirds happily reunited to (in the video below) watch their daughter make history for her 2016 college graduation. Akosua explained exactly how Hadar set a new precedent that they are beyond proud of:

akosua.busia: HISTORY! This time last year a Ghana flag was errected at Interlochen Arts Academy, as my daughter, Hadar, became their 1st ever Ghanaian graduate! I was performing in Eclipsed on Broadway, the curtain came down at 10.30 pm, leaving me 11 hours to make a 12 hour drive and get there on time. Thanks to @jeremy.bullock I made it! Daddy John, Aunty Abe, Uncle Chip, Sam, and others, all converged for the great occasion ~ Blessings to all this years High-School and College graduates! #fbf #graduation #ghana #arts #school #college #future

Fun Fact About Akosia Busia Many Never Knew

1. In “The Color Purple,” she was kicked out of “Albert’s” (Danny Glover) home and then rebuilt her life in Africa. However, in REAL life, Akosua is actually royalty -literally- in her native home of Ghana.She is a REAL LIFE princess y’all, by way of her father’s side of the fam.’

2. She co-wrote the song, “Moon Blue,” with her daughter’s godfather, Stevie Wonder, for his album, “A Time 2 Love.”

3. Akosua has also added the title of director, to her resume, having directed a film about her father’s life, titled, “The Prof. A Man Remembered. Life, Vision & Legacy of K.A.”

Like we always say, here at ILOSM, we learn something new ’round here everyday.