‘Color Purple’ Star Margaret Avery Terrorized By Nightmare Neighbor, Files For Restraining Order

Posted On : May 28, 2018

Back in the day, Margaret Avery wowed fans with her iconic role of Suge Avery in The Color Purple. Now at age 75, she’s living life as you would expect – trying to enjoy her days in peace within the walls of the home she’s owned for more than 40 years. However, there’s just one problem. Apparently, Avery’s life isn’t as peaceful as most would assume. In fact, there’s so much drama, she’s been forced to file for a restraining order against someone she shouldn’t even have to worry about – her own neighbor. According to The Blast, Avery and her 50-year-old neighbor have been at odds for quite some time. So, what’s the problem? It has been reported that all the drama began with an argument over parking spaces.

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The Argument:

According to TMZ, Avery is having problems with her “across-the-street neighbor.” It has been reported that the 6-foot-3 man “parks his and guests’ cars on her street and blocks access.” Apparently,  there’s very little consideration where the obstruction is concerned and the problem has been ongoing. The two have obviously had words about the situation and are unable to come to an agreement. Avery also described her nightmare neighbor as “intimidating” and “aggressive.” Since the two can’t seem to reach an agreement about the parking problem, Avery has taken things to another level. She’s filed court documents to get the job done.

Ain’t Playin’:

According to court documents obtained by the publication, Avery has had it with her neighbor. In the documents, the famed actress, who has had a recurring role on BET’s Being Mary Jane since 2013, recalled an altercation where things escalated to a point where she feared for her safety. The last straw was when her neighbor “came yelling about how the street was a public street and he could park wherever he wanted,” and then allegedly, “pointed his finger towards me, just a couple of feet from me in an aggressive manner.” Then to make matters worse, Avery isn’t the only person who’s fed up with the man. The actress revealed her man isn’t too pleased either and there’s another reason why the situation is getting out of hand. She went on to raise concerns about her live-in boyfriend, Arthur, and how the ongoing feud is affecting his health. “My boyfriend has a bad heart and he cannot handle the stress,” Avery reportedly said.

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‘I Just Want Peace’:

Like most people Avery’s age, she only has one request – peace. In the documents, she explained why she wanted a restraining order. The actress is hoping the court filing is taken seriously and that her neighbor gets the picture. The message is simple: she won’t be stepped on. “I just want to live in peace.  I want to send a strong message that he cannot bully me, I am entitled to live peacefully in my own house, which I’ve owned for 41 years.”

Request Granted:

It has been reported that Avery’s request has been granted by the courts. Her neighbor has reportedly been ordered to stay approximately 10 yards away from her home. The restraining order also requires him to refrain from engaging in harassment. The two are scheduled to appear in court next month. Maybe next time her neighbor will think twice before attempting to bully an old lady because Avery ain’t playin’.