ColorMeBadd Singer Arrested For Violently Harming Group Member, But Fans More Surprised By His Looks

Posted On : July 23, 2018

Remember when Color Me Badd had us vibin’ to hits like, “I Wanna Sex You Up” and “I Adore Mi Amor?” Well, the other day, the “amor” was most definitely missing from their R&B brotherly union. How do we know that? Because their lead singer, Bryan Adams (pictured below in all black), made that VERY clear during their recent performance and now he’s ended up with a fresh new mugshot that only a mother can “amor.” While his group member ended up in the hospital.

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Why He Was Arrested

What had happened was, during their performance at del Lago Casino in Tyre, New York, three of the four Color Me Badd singers were singing their hearts out for their fans and having a good ol’ time. However, someone was suddenly noticeably missing- their falsetto singing lead, Bryan Abrams. Then toward the end of their song, Bryan reappeared on stage, walking right up to his group member, Mark Calderon, and attacked him. It was all caught on camera, check it out below:

Via TMZ: An eyewitness tells TMZ Abrams, the lead singer in the group was having a bad night with his voice. He eventually walked off stage he was so frustrated. Calderon hit some sound equipment on his way to the floor, and was hurt. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for neck and back pain. As for Abrams, he was arrested for misdemeanor assault, taken to jail where he was booked. His bail was set at $2,000. We don’t know if he’s posted bail yet.

Why Bryan Is Shocking EVERYBODY & His Past Legal Issues

Bryan Adams’ mugshot is what introduced another surprising revelation for many long time Color Me Badd fans…his physical transformation. Here is Bryan’s most recent mugshot, following his attack on his group member…

Color Me Badd’s Bryan Adams’ mugshot, July 2018 (via TMZ)

Needless to say, fans were been stunned by the transformation they’ve witnessed about the prior sex symbol. As we previously reported, the stress that the group faced after their popularity began to fade years ago, took a huge toll on Bryan and drastically affected his health and physical appearance.

Bryan also started having run-ins with the law around 2006 and they continued consistently for the next few years, but many were very shocked when he walked into a court room, in 2014, looking very different from the sex symbol he once was…

Bryan Adams then (L); Bryan in 2014 (R)

The above photo on the right, was Bryan in 2014, appearing in court for one of his several domestic violence charges. At first, many were still trying to process their initial shock by his transformation, as well as his health. He was walking with a walker and his attorney stated that he’d just had hip surgery. However, photographers outside the courtroom also stated they’d seen Bryan close the walker and run up the stairs after his court appearance. So who knows what was up with that?

Anyways, according to online reports, Bryan was in court in 2014, for allegedly punching his wife, Kimberly, in the face. And NewsOne reported this: ‘[Bryan Adams] has been charged with domestic abuse four times since June of 2006. Twice, the case against Abrams was dismissed. In 2007, he pleaded guilty to beating his wife and was placed on probation for two years. Back in December 2005, Abrams was arrested for drunken driving and plead guilty to that charge.’

By 2016, Color Me Badd announced they were touring again and Bryan was right there front and center, singing in his falsetto tone. Hopefully, this cat will move past whatever nonsense is plaguing the group at this time, so they can keep getting their paper together and giving their fans what they want- good music and nostalgic memories.