So Sad, Comedian Bill Bellamy Mourns The Loss Of His Mother

Posted On : June 27, 2017
Bill Bellamy with his mother, Edna

Comedian and actor, Bill Bellamy, took to Instagram to mourn the loss of his mother, Edna Bellamy, who passed away on Saturday (June 24). In a lengthy heartfelt message on his Instagram page, he shared  about what a wonderful woman his mother was and how her death is such a heartbreaking as well as painful loss.

Yesterday I lost my Mom. A woman who has taught me so much in this lifetime. A woman who showed me that you can make something of yourself no excuses. Self motivation is everything. My strength comes from this woman. I have done so much In my life so that she would see that all her hard work was not in vain. Sometimes, it's just life. That hits us all with pain or loss. I think we gain something whenall the tears have gone away. We begin to see a way. My Mom has meant the world to me. This is one my favorite moments with her. it was her birthday and we went to a fancy place. She loved going to a fancy place. We laughed and enjoyed and said how much we loved each other. My brother @julezgtf was alive on this day as well. When I look back this was a classic family day. Peace and love and laughter the simple things. If you pray for me today. Pray for everyone who has lost someone as well. Pray for their health and peace. You need both to get through a hard time. I pray for any one who has taking a loss. It's devastating. Time will help you and more love will brighten your spirit. #RIP #EdnaBellamy @ednabellamy Love You MA!

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The former MTV Jams host made a name for himself as a swinging single in films like How to be a Player and Love Jones. Through his stand-up comedy, Bellamy often shared hilarious stories of his childhood. In his comedy special, Back To My Roots, Bellamy shared a childhood story where his mother gave him and his sister “the talk” before entering the home of a stranger. This story resonated with many people particularly if you grew up with an African-American mother.

First of all, my mama had what we call mama talk. Now before we go to visit somebody, me and my sister, soon as we get out to the car, my mama would have a little meeting with us. She pull up, close the door (makes sound of door closing). ‘Come here. You and your sister get over here right now. Now we going inside to visit these people, but we not gonna be here that long ’cause Mama don’t like these people. Now when we get inside, we gonna act like we got some sense, you understand? And I see you and your sister doing some (censored) you know you ain’t supposed to do, what’s gonna happen, kids?’ `Everything.’ `You d*mn right, everything is gonna happen. Now I want you-all to listen me ’cause I’m only gonna say this one time: Ain’t nobody hungry.’

Bill Bellamy often spoke of his childhood in stand-up where he revealed that his mother was a strict disciplinarian.

William “Bill” Bellamy is from Newark, New Jersey. In stand up, Bellamy has often shared childhood stories about the adventures of him and his sister Karen. However, when Bellamy was featured on Unsung Hollywood, fans learned that he had a brother that passed away. On that episode, his parents, William and Edna, were featured. His mother shared how she met Bill’s father, William, in Florida at the young age of 16. Married in 1964, they moved to Newark for a better opportunity in life. Bill was born in 1965.  Ms. Bellamy shared that she dropped out of school in the tenth grade, however, she motivated her children to be successful.

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Before his mother’s death, Bill shared a photo of his parents on Instagram where he shared the importance of visiting your parents while they’re still here. In addition, Bill was able to spend Mother’s Day with his mother where he shared how his mother made him work hard and how she was a brilliant person. In addition to paying homage to his mother, Bill also praised his wife Kristen. The couple recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary and they have 2 children together: Bailey Ivory-Rose and Baron

Given the success of Bill Bellamy, it’s clear that his mother’s tough love approach paid off. Rest in peace, Ms. Edna, you raised a great son.