Comedian Faizon Love Gets Sued By Personal Assistant, Makes Wild Claims Against Him

Posted On : August 24, 2018

Comedian and actor Faizon Love is being sued by his personal assistant for allegedly being a sex crazed boss.

Faizon Love Is Being Sued By His Former Personal Assistant For Sexual Harassment: 

According to TMZ, a woman named Tashiana Luke worked for comedic actor Faizon Love as his personal assistant. However, she only maintained the job for 17 days before she resigned. Tashiana says she was hired June 9, 2016 and quit on June 26th as Love allegedly made it an unpleasant work environment. While working for Love, Luke alleges that he gawked at her and made suggestive remarks towards her.

Your *ss looks nice in those pants, Love reportedly would tell Luke.

Not only would Love allegedly make inappropriate remarks to Luke but he would make comments about her finances. Knowing that Luke needed her tuition paid, Love would make remarks towards her suggesting that she could provide sexual acts for him to get money.  In documents obtained by TMZ, Tashiana said one night Faizon texted her a sexual message accompanied by a video.

I shot a test scene. [W]hat do you think and the message included video showing a young woman performing oral sex on Faizon.

Feeling like enough is enough, Tashiana Luke is suing the comedian/actor and his company, Dough Boy Inc. She is suing for sexual harassment and seeking unspecified damages. This isn’t the first time that Love has been in the hot seat as he was arrested for an Ohio airport altercation.

Comedian/Actor Faizon Love Was Arrested After In Ohio After Airport Altercation (Video)

Actor Faizon Love,48, was arrested back in March of 2017 after her got into an altercation at an Ohio airport. Love felt like he was attacked and he didn’t believe that he should apologize. Faizon is normally known as a fun-loving comedian but this time, he was not laughing.

According to TMZ, Love was heated after he received a long-term parking ticket for $1,000. While he was upset about the ticket, he grew even more upset because of the valet driver’s, 24-year-old Terrence Artis Gaines II, customer service. Faizon claims that the valet driver was incredibly rude with a lot of lip service. Love tried to ignore him but the valet driver allegedly threatened to put hands on him. So, Faizon decided to show him that “real life isn’t Twitter”.

Real Life Isn’t Twitter:

Love claims that the valet driver allegedly spat at him. For Love, that was the final straw! He claims as he turned his back, he overheard the driver clearing his throat. The spit is not apparent in the surveillance video, but Faizon insists he did  as it just missed him. Video footage captured Love grabbing Gaines by the neck and tossing him like a rag doll.

While Love is 6’1″ and 370lbs, versus Gaines’ 5’7″ and 125lbs, he doesn’t regret his actions. The Elf star informed TMZ that social media has created monsters within today’s youth as they are often disrespectful. These kids are just running rampant and they talk crazy to you on Twitter and they don’t understand, on Twitter they safe. In life you can’t talk crazy to people, especially the grown folks, and you can’t spit on nobody.You can’t do any of that imaginary stuff online. And he said that it teaches a lesson on what happens when he is not treated properly.

Faizon Love was arrested and placed in the Franklin County jail Tuesday night. However, the next day, he plead not guilty and was released on a $2,000 bond.

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