Common Revealed Dangerous, Heroic Risk Mom Took When His Dad Kidnapped Them At Gunpoint

Posted On : April 18, 2019

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Common is known as the socially conscious, laid back MC/actor, but his life started off everything BUT ‘laid back.’ In fact, he and his Mother were kidnapped at gunpoint by his father when Common was a toddler and the incident it didn’t end well for his Pops.

Common’s mother, Dr. Mary Ann Hines, is an educator and his late father, Lonnie Lynn Sr. was once a pro-basketball player with the ABA (American Basketball Association) League. Unfortunately, his Dad fell into drug addiction and depression, due to his struggling career at that time.

In his memoir, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense,” Common broke down exactly what happened on the day his Dad kidnapped them and how they escaped.

Common and his mother (via Amazon)

Common says his parents gave him two different sides of this story:

When I was eighteen months old, my mother and I were kidnapped at gunpoint. My father held the gun.

At least that’s one side of the story. I first heard about it all from my aunt…when I was already a grown man. I asked my mother, and she told it to me one way. I asked my father, and he told it to me another…

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