Congrats: Spinderella’s Daughter Welcomed 1st Grandbaby With Her Boyfriend

Posted On : July 20, 2019

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Salt N’ Pepa’s, Deidre “DJ Spinderella” Roper, is wearing her Grandmama hat loud and proud right about now. Unbeknownst to many, her and her NBA ex’s beautiful daughter, Christy, welcomed a beautiful baby boy recently. For Spin’, this is her first grandchild and she couldn’t be more proud of the way her daughter handled birth like a trooper.

In addition to the enormous amount of love her daughter’s been receiving after giving birth, many fans were a wee bit surprised by the Father of her daughter’s child, but we’ll get to that in a sec.’ First up though, let us fill y’all in on who Christy is.

Who Is Christy?
Christy Anderson, is the product of Spinderella’s past relationship with the ever-so-controversial NBA legend, Kenny Anderson (below, center). Spinderella and Kenny had Christy in 1992.

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Spin’ had her issues with Kenny when they dated in the early 90’s, but she mostly kept them behind closed doors. Today though, they seem to have a mutual resect for each other, yet it seems that Christy is not very close to her Pops, who’s been slammed by some of his other kid’s mothers as an ‘absentee dad.’ Anywho, Christy and Spin’ are hella close, so she has more than enough parental love.

We’re a lil’ tardy for the party with this one ILOSM fam’ but better late than never…

Spinderella’s Daughter & Grandbaby!

Christy gave birth to her son, Tatum, on March 29, 2019. She also posted the above photo and wrote this touching message to her baby boy online, when he made his grand entrance into the world:

“Tatum Lorens 3/29/19. I’ve waited for you my whole life ❤️”

Tatum is now 1 month old and Christy seems to be adjusting to her new Mommy life very well. One his 1-month celebration, she took to Instagram to express her amazement that her son chose her to be his Mom:

Spinderella’s daughter, Christy, and her baby, Tatum [Instagram]

“one month of loving my sweet boy!! Tatum— in awe of you every day, I can’t believe you chose me! I am in so in love with being your mommy ❤️❤️❤️”

Spin’ Thanks God For Her Grandchild
On Tatum’s born day, Grandma Spin’ shared this touching photo online and thanked God for allowing her 1st grandbaby to make it here safely:

Spinderella holding her grandson, Tatum, on the day of his birth [Instagram]

“GOD IS GREAT My Grandboy is here!!! Can’t believe i’m a MeMe @christyyray is doing well Happy Birthday Tatum ❤️”

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