Congrats: Surrogate Mom Speaks Out After Becoming Pregnant With K. Michelle’s Twin Babies

Posted On : April 19, 2019

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A big congratulations are in order for singer, K. Michelle. After longing for more children, it has now been confirmed that she’s having TWINS!

The songstress who already has one son, is taking an unconventional route, by having a surrogate mother this go ’round. The woman’s name is Tannae, and she’s just announced, via video, how this whole process came about.

It started with a chance meeting…

In a Youtube video (above), 21 year old Tannae says she randomly met K. Michelle in the parking lot of an IKEA store. When K. Michelle saw Tannae’s triplet daughters, she fell in love with how adorable they are. According to Tannae, the two of them exchanged info and kept in touch. And thus, here we are today, celebrating Tannae’s pregnancy with K. Michelle’s twin babies. Wow!

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Tannae also said that the reason K. Michelle chose her is because twins run in her family, so K. is pretty confident that Tannae will get her two babies here safe and sound.

After Surrogate Became Pregnant, She Landed Reality Show Deal…
We’re not sure if K. Michelle had anything to do with hookin’ her surrogate mother up with a once in a lifetime shot of being on one of the most popular Black reality shows on TV, but according to new reports, that’s exactly where Tannae has landed.

The Jasmine Brand announced that the pregnant surrogate mother will now be on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.