Traci Braxton Will Be A Grandma, But Reveals How She Really Feels About It

Posted On : March 30, 2018

A big congratulations is in order for Tamar Braxton (46), who’s about to become a grandmother for the first time. Her son, Kevin Surrant Jr. and his girlfriend are expecting and photos have just surfaced of the happy couple’s baby shower. She’s happy about this news now, but see what Traci had to say about her initial reaction below…

Traci Braxton and her son, Kevin Surrant Jr.

Traci Surprised By Grandbaby News

In a recent interview on “Sister Circle,” Traci revealed that she was hella shocked when she found out that her son had gotten his girlfriend pregnant:

“Chiiile, let me tell you the tea. My kids ain’t tell me until November [that], they were pregnant and I wanted to punch him, I really did. … You know, that’s MY child, I discipline him.”

Baby Shower Details

But obviously, soon-to-be ‘Grandma Traci,’ has moved passed her initial anger and shock, because based on Kevin Jr.’s baby shower photos, she’s happy as hell about her grandbaby now. She posted a photo of her and the fam’ having a collective prayer over the expecting mother, with a caption that read:

A family that prays together stays together .. the next generation to the family is almost here!! .. it’s baby time!!! #KevinJr #Oliviah #BabyShowerLove


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Traci also revealed this to The Grio:

“[Kevin Jr.] made me a duchess and I’m ecstatic because now my parents, my sisters, and my brother…my grand-baby is making them a first generation of a great grandchild. […] My sisters and I…when we were younger, we said if we ever have kids, and our kids have kids, our names would be duchess. That’s royalty, thats what they call the Queens when they have grandkids. So, I’m royalty.”

Traci Has Another Reason To Celebrate

In addition to becoming a grandmother, Traci’s also excited about her upcoming sophomore album. Here’s what she debuted on Instagram…

Sibling Drama

In other Braxton news, Traci, along with her sisters and mother, have been at odds with sis,’ Tamar Braxton. As we previously reported, Tamar is reportedly pissed off with Mama Evelyn and her sisters because she thinks the ladies are trying to create “fake storylines,” by bashing her estranged husband, Vince Herbert, and his reportedly abusive ways (which he denies) on upcoming episodes of their “Braxton Family Values” show. Tamar reportedly believes her fam’ is plotting to gang up on Vince, in order to destroy him and portray him as ‘a villain.’ It’s also been reported, by sources close to the Braxtons, that Tamar is NOT happy her moms and sisters would “stoop so low for personal gain” a.k.a. television ratings. She’s also allegedly refusing to promote the show, unless she has final approval of the which scenes -as it pertains to Vince- make the final cut before they air on TV.

Trina, Towanda, and Traci Braxton are not ones to take Tamar’s claims lightly. That’s why they decided to speak out and tell their side of the story to TMZ. First, they wanted to give Tamar a wake up call- ‘HELLO!’…they’re all on a reality show, where they display real incidents that happen in their lives. The Braxtons are letting Tamar and the world know, that just because Vince is Tamar’s husband doesn’t make him off limits, when it comes to them giving their opinions about him on their show. The ladies also pointed out that when they were having problems and/or going through their own divorces, they not only shared that part of their story on the show, but Tamar had a LOT to say about it ON THE SHOW. Check out their video reaction below:

Tamar filed for divorce from Vince in 2017 and prior to that, there were several reports and/or allegations of cheating, domestic abuse, and side-baby rumors. She and Vince have also discussed their marital problems on their own show, “Tamar & Vince,” and in interviews. Therefore, ‘all is fair in love and war’ and Tamar’s marriage is not exempt from that rule.