Out Of Control: K. Michelle Seen Cursing Out Controversial Pastor In Memphis Restaurant

Posted On : May 15, 2019

At this point most people remember former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta alum K. Michelle as one of the best vocalists to ever step into the game. Unfortunately, her attitude can at times cast her in a not so favorable light so she’s been labeled as ‘difficult’. A Memphis pastor learned just how difficult she is when the two of them engaged in a very heated argument at a restaurant in Memphis.

Two Ticking Time Bombs

During her time on LHHATL K. Michelle gladly brought all the smoke to everyone. And it didn’t matter who it was because she could go from zero to sixty in almost no time.

As explosive as Michelle was during her time on the show there was another Memphis native, Thaddeus Matthews (also known as the “Cussing Pastor”) who was setting the internet ablaze with his controversial style of preaching. Unfortunately, his outspoken nature and erratic behavior once got him in trouble with the law for harassment.

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