Cops Investigate Actor Who Reportedly Attacked Michael Jackson’s Daughter

Posted On : August 1, 2018

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There are a lotta irate individuals in the world and apparently, Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, had an up close and personal interaction with one of them, according to latest reports. Matter of fact, from the sounds of it, somebody done put their hands on the King of Pop’s little girl. So…pretty sure her family of many brothers, male cousins, and uncles would love nothing more than to lay hands on her alleged assaulter

What Had Happened Was

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Although at this moment, the reported attack on Paris Jackson, is still at the allegation phase, it’s now been confirmed that law enforcement have opened an investigation into actor, Isaac Kappy (whomever the hell that is), who reportedly harmed Paris. It was recently reported that Isaac allegedly choked Paris at a party about a month ago. At that time, news of the alleged attack kinda flew under the radar. It wasn’t until Isaac began publicly making major threats toward actor, Seth Green, and also the police, that the prior alleged attack on MJ’s daughter was exposed:

Via TMZ: An actor who allegedly choked Paris Jackson and accused Seth Green of pedophilia is now the focus of a police investigation, on the heels of threatening a shootout with cops … TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge of the case tell us LAPD’s Threat Management division opened an investigation of Isaac Kappy on Friday … for alleged harassment and stalking of Seth and his wife, Clare. […]

The final straw for police was a threatening tweet he posted last Wednesday. Kappy said, “In light of the interesting traffic happening around my house I want to make something CRYSTAL CLEAR: while I am a VERY strong advocate of peaceful disclosure, make no mistake, assets are in place and if you kill me or even try, it will rain .50 cals in the Hollywood Hills.” We’re told the threat of a .50 caliber bullet shootout was enough for LAPD to open the case.

Now that the news is out, it’ll be interesting to see what Paris says about this. She’s typically very outspoken, but she also knows how to pull off that infamous Jackson-family-elusive-tactic very well when need be and understandably so. Fans don’t have to know EVERY detail of her life.

As far as Isaac Kappy, we’ll keep y’all posted if he ends up confessing to anything…or better yet, apologizing for any of his possible hostile wrongdoings.

Meanwhile, Tito Stands By Niece, Paris

On a side note, Tito Jackson is very proud of his niece these days. Not only because she’s carving out her own lane as a model, but also for being such a loving daughter to Tito’s lil’ bro,’ Michael.

The Jackson 5 member made that clear in June 2018, when he praised Paris for cleaning the Hollywood Walk of Fame star in honor of her dad’s legacy, even though it wasn’t even her father’s star. You see, someone recently tagged graffiti on the star of Michael Jackson, an 84-year-old British radio personality. Seeing as how most of us, in the U.S., have no clue who the 84 year old MJ is, it’s largely assumed that whomever vandalized his star, probably assumed they were tagging Paris’ pops, Michael Jackson, instead.

Paris still didn’t appreciate the disrespect, even though her dad’s star remained in tact. Therefore, she was spotted on Hollywood Blvd. in California, seated on the ground next to the ‘other’ MJ’s star, scrubbing the graffiti off until it was spotless.

Fans applauded her for being such a down to earth person and Tito spoke to paparazzi about her:

Well said Tito and props to Paris!