Cops Launch Investigation: Anonymous Claim That Wendy Williams Husband Was Poisoning Her

Posted On : April 23, 2019

As Wendy Williams’ life unravels before the very public she’s gabbed and gossiped with for decades more strange details have come to light as she gears up for a divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter. A new anonymous claim reports that Wendy’s life may have been in danger because allegedly Kevin was poisoning her.

Shady Behavior

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So far 2019 has been a very tumultuous year for Wendy Williams, although the majority of her issues have been ongoing since last year. Most famously, though, was the horrific moment on live television when Wendy, dressed as the Statue of Liberty, became flustered before the next segment of her show and passed out in front of her studio audience and millions of viewers.

As frightening as that was it set off a chain of events that forced Wendy to face the truth of her current state of being; we learned there were cheating allegations against her husband as well as the re-emergence of Wendy’s struggles with substance abuse. In the aftermath Wendy eventually ended up checking herself into a sober living facility to get her life back on track and subsequently filed for a divorce from Kevin Hunter. However, a bizarre tale from earlier this year is popping up for a behind the scenes peek into the horror Wendy must have been going through at home.

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