Cops Release ‘Bloody’ Details Of What Really Happened In Wendy Williams’ Hubby & Son’s Fight

Posted On : June 21, 2019

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When news first broke of the fist fight that occurred between Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., and their 19 year old son, Kevin Jr., it caught many by surprise, given their seemingly tight bond…pre-affair drama, that is. Since that fateful day on March 22nd, Wendy and her fam’ have pretty much been radio silent on the matter, with the exception of Wendy revealing that Kevin Jr. and Sr. still were not on speaking terms.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Sr.’s son, Kevin Jr.

Now, the police report that was filed at the time of the beatdown, has just been publicly revealed. Although the names are largely redacted, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, based on the report, Kevin Jr. apparently beat the hell outta Kevin Sr., leaving him “bleeding” from some unnamed body part.

Anywho, don’t take our word for it, check out what was quoted from the report below…

Kevin Jr. Called His Dad A WHAT?!!
According to the West Orange County, New Jersey police report, which was released to Page Six, Kevin Jr. and Sr. got into a heated argument, resulting in Jr. calling his Pops a “bi*ch”:

Responding officers were told that things escalated after Kevin Jr.’s comment, causing Kevin Hunter to strike his son “with a closed fist to the face,” which Kevin Hunter later denied.

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