Cops Reveal New Details About Janet & Husband After Janet Calls Them On Her Hubby

Posted On : June 4, 2018

It’s been a rough 48 hours for Janet Jackson and her estranged billionaire husband, Wissam Al Mana. Or more appropriately, it’s been a helluva past few months between them…that’s what we’ve now found out, following Janet’s 911 call to Malibu, FL police on Saturday night (June 2, 2018). New details have emerged…

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Why She Originally Called Cops

On Saturday night, Janet summoned law enforcement to Wissam’s Nobu Ryokan hotel room in Malibu, where he was staying with their 17 month old son, Eissa. When the news first spread, it was reported, by Entertainment Tonight, that Janet (who was in another state) told cops she was worried that Wissam was high as a kite and therefore, concerned about the welfare of their son. To put that extra stank on it, Janet’s big brother, Randy, backed up her claims and gave further details….from Janet’s side of the story:

Randy tells ET that his sister called 9-1-1 after being contacted by a nanny who was helping Al Mana care for the child at the time. According to Randy, the nanny became frightened by Al Mana’s behavior which she believed was aggressive. According to Randy, the nanny was “terrified by his behavior and locked herself in a bathroom, so she could contact Janet.”

New Details Emerge…Cops Call BS

The responding officers have now revealed the REAL reason Janet called them for her husband and according to them, Janet’s claims are highly suspect. Why? Because when they arrived at Wissam’s hotel room, they soon realized there was nothing wrong. Wissam wasn’t high, nor irate, and little Eissa was the farthest thing from being in danger.

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The cops then encouraged Janet and Wissam to tell them what’s really up between them. Turns out, the whole fiasco was the result of their tumultuous relationship:

Via The Blast– …Upon arrival cops found there was no danger and determined the child is unfortunately caught in the middle of his parent’s bitter custody war.

Law enforcement sources tell The Blast Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana have been having nasty childcare issues over baby Eissa, which has resulted in frequent arguments between the two. We’re told the welfare check was initiated Saturday night around 9:55 PM by Jackson to check on the child while in the care of his father at the Nobu Ryokan hotel in Malibu.

When deputies arrived, we’re told they found the baby to be well taken care of, with no signs of anything wrong. We’re told the baby was not in danger, and there were no drugs around or suspected. There are reports Janet claimed Al Mana was using drugs, but an official for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office tell us there was zero suspicion of drugs being used, and they were confused as to why Jackson made the allegation. No report was taken and Eissa was left in the care of his father.

We’re told deputies spoke with both Al Mana and Jackson, and determined there has been an ongoing verbal dispute between the two parents. It’s unclear if Jackson is going to take further legal action regarding the current custody situation.

Janet and Wissam are both very involved in their son’s life, so it sounds like this custody beef is not gonna end any time soon. Wishing the former lovebirds the best in reaching a peaceful arrangement that works out for the sake of their son.