Cosby Accusers Now Shockingly Drag Quincy Jones Into Court Case, Details

Posted On : March 2, 2016

fb cosby and quincy In the ever growing lineup of the media spectacle that are the Bill Cosby court cases and/or depositions, yet another legend is currently in the process of probably having to take the stand. The only problem for Cosby is that his longtime friend, Quincy Jones is actually being pursued by the prosecuting attorneys to answer questions on behalf of their side…something that we’re pretty sure Quincy doesn’t want any parts of. Here are the details that were reported via Billboard:

Quincy Jones could be deposed in the Massachusetts libel case against Bill Cosby, as he may have knowledge of the embattled comedian’s history of alleged assaults according to a motion filed Monday.

Earlier this month Cosby’s attorneys asked the court to pause this civil suit while the comedian faces a criminal charge of sexual assault in Montgomery County, Pa. in connection to a 2004 incident involving ex-Temple University employee Andrea Constand.

In a motion filed Monday, attorney for the accusers, Joseph Cammarata, says Cosby’s motion to stay is nothing but gamesmanship.

“Defendant is not entitled to put a hold on this entire case, merely because he has been criminally charged for an alleged sexual assault that occurred ten years after any of the alleged sexual assaults underlying this case,” Cammarata writes.

Attorney Joseph Cammarata with one of his clients/Bill Cosby accuser as they speak to press outside of courthouse, 2015
Attorney Joseph Cammarata with one of his clients/Bill Cosby accuser, Therese Serignese, as they speak to press outside of courthouse, 2015

Cammarata’s client Tamara Green, and six other women, are suing Cosby for libel over denials by his reps that they were sexually assaulted.

In addition to Jones, plaintiffs intend to depose and/or subpoena documents from William Morris Endeavor, Cosby’s former attorneys Martin D. Singer and John P. Schmitt and his publicist David Brokaw, according to the motion filed by Joseph Cammarata on Monday.

Cammarata argues the case arises out of alleged assaults that happened as long as 47 years ago and staying the entire case would irreparably prejudice plaintiffs.

He points to Jones’ age and recent health concerns and notes that two people close to the situation, spokesman Walter M. Phillips Jr. and William Morris employee Tom Ilius, have already died.

Cosby’s attorney Christopher Tayback argues this civil case should be put on hold pending a result in the criminal case.

cosby quincy and stevieSo as you can see, the accusers’ attorneys think Cosby’s attorneys are full of it and are trying to rush to get Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby on that stand as they race against ‘Father Time’ – that’s pretty much what we gathered from the attorney’s new court motion. We’ll just have to wait and see how this whole thing turns out for Quincy Jones though.

Old School Fun Fact about Bill and Quincy’s relationship: In case you’re wondering why the prosecuting attorneys are targeting Jones, it’s because Jones’ and Cosby’s close friendship goes way back, long before their 1969 Quincy Jones produced joint, “Hikky-Bur.” Who remembers that collaboration? That was the song that Bill Cosby provided the sporatic vocals for, over Quincy’s soulful track. Check it out below: