Cosby Pre-Trial Process Begins..1st Day Of Jury Pool Selection Is A Biased Mess

Posted On : May 22, 2017

Two years after many sex assault allegations against Bill Cosby surfaced, one of those cases are now officially underway as his pre-trial process begins. The case of Andrea Constand vs. Cosby is set for trial on June 5, 2017. On Monday, May 22nd, Cosby and his attorneys entered the Allegheny County Courthouse in Pittsburgh, PA to get the ball rolling with the jury selection.

Bill Cosby entering the Allegheny Count Courthouse, May, 22, 2017
Bill Cosby entering the Allegheny County Courthouse, May, 22, 2017

, then they had consensual sexual engagement at his suburban Pittsburgh home.

So here they are today, watching and listening as their attorneys carefully interview a jury pool of 100 men and women.

Jury Pool Displays Pre-Judgement Bias

Soon after Monday morning’s jury pool interviews were wrapped, it was pretty easy to see that the jury selection may turn out to be a long process. Why? Because many within the jury pool admitted that they’ve already pretty much determined if they believe Cosby is innocent or guilty. Regardless of if they are pro-Cosby or anti-Cosby, their biased opinions will obviously hinder them from giving an unbiased and fair trial vote.

Andrea Constand
Andrea Constand

Out of the 100 people in the jury pool, approximately 12 were Black, which is a close approximation of the racial makeup within Allegheny County. But the eyebrow raiser is that about 14 of 100-count jury pool said they have never heard anything about the many highly publicized sex allegations against Bill Cosby. So their trip the court house on Monday was their first time hearing about it? Hmmmm… See the rest of the jury selection details reported by The Associated Press:

  • One-third of the potential jurors questioned in Bill Cosby’s sex assault case say they’ve formed opinions about his guilt or innocence while two-thirds say it would be difficult to serve.
  • And 35 of the 100 people questioned say they or a family member or close friend has been the victim of a sexual assault.
  • Sixty-seven people say it would be a hardship to spend several weeks sequestered near Philadelphia for the trial next month.

Superstar celebrities, like Cosby, will always have people who love them, or hate them. Therefore, finding 12 people to sit in the jury stand without a pre-determined judgement/opinion about such a high-profiled case is gonna be tough.