Fearful & Afraid Countess Vaughn Seeks Protection From Alleged Abusive Boyfriend

Posted On : August 24, 2018

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Veteran actress, Countess Vaughn, has been suffering in silence as details emerge that her her longtime boyfriend has been accused of physically, verbally and emotionally abusing her.

“The Parkers” Star Countess Vaughn Alleges Her Boyfriend Has Been Abusing Her For Years:

According to TMZ, former “The Parkers” and “Moesha” star, Countess Vaughn, alleges that her longtime boyfriend and the alleged father of one of her 3 children, David Benjamin Richard Whitten, has been abusing her for years. Whitten is reportedly jealous of Vaughn’s career, as he is reportedly insecure with her being a Hollywood actress. So insecure, Vaughn has accused her boyfriend of throwing bleach in her face so that she would be unable to work. However, the abuse doesn’t stop there. The  former “227”child star accuses Whitten of subjecting her to slapping, beating, strangulation, and sexual assault, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.  He has even allegedly threatened to kill her.

Fearing For Her Safety, Countess Vaughn Filed Order Of Protection:

On top of the alleged abuse, Countess Vaughn says that Whitten has threatened to leak private, explicit videos of her. Citing that she fears for her safety, a judge approved a temporary restraining order, ordering Whitten to stay 100 yards from Vaughn, as well as her three kids. A hearing on the matter will be held next month.

Just two hours before the news of domestic violence was revealed, Countess posted a message quoting a Bible verse on her Instagram page, where fans commented they were praying for her.

Countess has no pictures posted of her boyfriend, David, on her Instagram page. However, Tea Served Cold,  uncovered pictures of her alleged attacker. In the pictures posted, Countess allegedly refers to the man pictured above as her “hubby” and “boo.” People in the comments also referred to the man as “David.” Sources are saying that Whitten is the same man that proposed to Vaughn in 2016.

Countess Vaughn Was Once Engaged To Her Longtime Boyfriend:

In the “Hollywood Divas” 2016 season finale, Countess Vaughn got engaged to her long time boyfriend, David Benjamin Richard Whitten, who is also reportedly a father to one of Vaughn’s children. Little to no information was revealed about him though. Choosing to keep her relationship private, the “Hollywood Divas” star posted a photo of herself in what appeared to be a prom-themed party that the pair attended. At that time, Vaughn took to Instagram to announce that her boyfriend of 10 years popped the question. That photo has since been deleted:

“He asked to marry me ….in I said yes,” Vaughn captioned the above photo.

When Vaughn announced her engagement, she shared that she was thankful and blessed. So in love, Vaughn said that she was feeling like she was 18 again. The relationship with Whitten was her second relationship, as it would have been her second marriage.

Back in 2002, Vaughn married Joseph James, with whom she has two children, Jaylen James and Aniyah Vaughn. The couple divorced three years later, in 2005. And while she’s played pretty coy about her dating life in the past, she appeared to be ready to start the next chapter of her life. However, it seems like that chapter is about to end before it begins and based on her allegations against Whitten, it damn well should end ASAP.

If these allegations are true, we’re thankful that Countess Vaughn was proactive and received help.