Cuba Gooding Jr. Agrees To Surrender To Cops & Speaks About Incident After Woman Reports Him

Posted On : June 12, 2019

Cuba Gooding Jr. [Instagram]
Cuba Gooding Jr. is making it known that he ain’t got no worries about the police report a woman filed against him the other day…nor his pending arrest for said charge. Why not, you ask? Because he’s innocent, according to Cuba.

Why A Woman Filed Police Report Against Cuba Gooding Jr….
In case y’all haven’t yet heard, Cuba Gooding Jr. was video’d having a blast at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge in New York City on Sunday, June 9, 2019. In the midst of Cuba turnin’ up at the hot spot, fans were surrounding him and showin’ love. However, one said fan claims her encounter with Cuba went left after he “groped” her breasts:

TMZ- …The alleged victim brought Cuba a water while he was partying and singing karaoke because she thought he was drunk. While they were talking, Gooding allegedly grabbed her breast … and a “heated argument” broke out.

Our law enforcement sources say the altercation got so intense, security had to step in to squash it, but Cuba still didn’t leave for another hour and a half. We’re told the alleged groping incident went down around 10 PM, and the woman called 911 just before midnight to report it.

Now, Cuba has a pending investigation against him and the cops in Manhattan are awaiting his arrival to surrender, get fingerprinted and take his mug shot.

Cuba Gooding Speaks Out About Groping Allegation…

Cuba Gooding Jr. speaking about accuser’s groping claims [screenshot via TMZ]
Like we said though, Cuba has zero worries for two reasons: (1) because he ‘trusts the system’ and (2) he says there is video showing what really went down with his accuser, whom he denies ever groping.

When he was stopped by paparazzi at LAX airport in L.A., to board a flight back to Manhattan, the Boyz N The Hood vet’ was in great spirits and had much to say about the charge against him:

“I trust the system,” Cuba declared. “I trust the system and [I’ll] let the process speak for itself. There’s a tape that shows what really happened, that’s the most important thing…let’s not take away from that.”

When asked what really happened between him and the accuser at the lounge, Cuba said:

“I was at a club, I left, I met a bunch of people, I took pictures and…ya’ know, you have to have faith in what people say.”

When asked if ‘there was any groping,’ Cuba adamantly stated:

“Nothing….what I’m gonna say is the following- in this time and age we have to let people speak for themselves. We have to let people express themselves. …And now I’m giving the process the chance to show what went down.”

Is he guilty of the groping? “NOOOOO, absolutely not!,” says Cuba.

As for as we know, witnesses told cops they did not see Cuba grope the woman and so far, cops have not found any evidence of Cuba groping the accuser on surveillance video.

According to sources close to Cuba Jr., he will be turning himself in on Thursday and will likely be booked on a ‘misdemeanor charge of forcible touching.’

We’ll keep y’all posted on this one.