Cuba Gooding Jr. Was With John Singleton When He Died, And Revealed What He Told Him

Posted On : March 24, 2023
(L) Cuba Gooding Jr.; (inset photo) John Singleton and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Actor, Cuba Gooding Jr., detailed what his last moments with legendary director, John Singleton, were like prior to John passing away at the young age of 51.

In a prior interview, Cuba expressed his extreme gratitude for Singleton, who gave him his start in the film industry, with his role as “Tre Styles,” in Singleton’s 1991 Boyz N’ The Hood classic.

Cuba also is forever grateful that he was able to tell John how much he loved him before he passed.

As soon as he found out John Singleton had suffered a massive stroke in mid-April, Cuba rushed to the hospital to see him. Unfortunately, by that time, John was already in a coma, from which he never awakened.

“I was with John when he passed in the hospital, he was already in a coma when we got there,” Cuba told Too Fab. “But I got the opportunity to tell him that I love him, and to thank him for starting my career, and Omar Gooding’s career, my brother who was in ‘Baby Boy’.”

Gooding Jr. went on to reminisce about himself, John Singleton, and Boyz N the Hood co-star, Morris Chestnut, being born within a 6 day window of each other -between January 1 to January 6, 1968- and pointing out that he believes that connected their brotherhood on a deeper level:

“We were like three guys starting our careers on that movie, I’ll always love him for that.”

Prior to Cuba visiting Singleton in the hospital, he says the last time he’d seen him was one year prior to the hospital visit– when Cuba was performing in the musical, “Chicago.” Cuba says he was elated to see his brotha, but only has one regret:

“He [Singleton] gave me a hug and kiss, and said ‘I didn’t know you could sing’,” [Cuba] remembered, laughing. “If I’d’ve known that was my last time I would’ve held on a little longer.” -via Too Fab

Watch Cuba Gooding Jr.’s full interview clip above.

Long live the the greatness and legendary legacy of John Singleton…may he continue to rest in power.