Cynthia Bailey Reveals Truth: Why Marlo Hampton Will Never Receive Her Peach From ‘RHOA’

Posted On : April 12, 2019

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During her interview with Ebony Cynthia expressed her thoughts about the current season and some of her cast mates. When asked about new mother Kenya Moore, who sat out season 11 for marriage and her new baby, Cynthia admitted that Kenya has always been good for the show. And she also complimented her by stating if she came back for season 12 fans would love to see her.

“I’m sure Kenya’s fans are definitely interested in seeing her get back on the show, and watch her journey. She’s married now, she has a beautiful daughter now. Brooklyn is adorable. I babysat her recently, she is amazing.” She said. “It’s a different time in Kenya’s life and I think it’ll be great for all of her fans to see where she’s at now because she’s in a really, really beautiful place.”

Cynthia also had some thoughts on constant RHOA guest star Marlo Hampton about what she brings to the show and why she hasn’t received her peach just yet.

“She definitely became the bone collector of the season, definitely stirred the pot.” She joked. “She definitely was a little messy this season.” She then finished by adding ,”In my personal opinion I think that anyone that’s holding a peach, I think you have to be willing to share your life, completely. Your personal life and your private life. So, if you’re holding a peach then you have to be willing to give your complete life. And I don’t know if Marlo is willing to do that.”

Wise words from one of the longest cast members of the show. Hopefully Marlo doesn’t mistake Cynthia’s words for shade and try to use it against her during the upcoming season. Check out Cynthia’s entire interview below.