Kandi Burruss’ Restaurant Already Facing Legal Issues

Posted On : September 28, 2017
The ‘Old Lady Gang’: (L-R) Kandi’s aunt Nora; aunt Bertha; and Kandi’s mother, Joyce

Kandi Burruss’ Old Lady Gang restaurant just opened over the summer and speaking from personal experience, her food soul food is off the chain. That doesn’t make her restaurant exempt from legal woes though. The Xscape singer is being sued and somebody wants their money now.

‘Where’s My Money?’

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been sued by a contractor who worked with her and her husband, Todd Tucker during the construction development stages of the restaurant. AJC reports that the contractor, Charles Busbee, filed a lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court on Monday, September 25, 2017 for a second time. Busbee, who reportedly worked for the couple between March 19 and June 27, 2016, claims he was never paid for services rendered. In the lawsuit, he revealed Kandi, Todd’s architect, and a third man named Cedric Drayton (presumably the couple’s general contractor for the restaurant) wrote checks totaling $16,512 but unfortunately, he was never able to cash checks for those funds. As previously reported, Busbee said he did receive a check for the amount, but later discovered the check he was given was fraudulent.

Kandi Burruss and husband, Todd Tucker

In the prior lawsuit, Busbee also claimed that the construction project was quite unorganized:

Mr. Busbee says he his owed $16,512 by Kandi and Todd for work he and his crew did this summer. He also complains the project was very disorganized and it was necessary for him to assume the responsibilities of job site foreman without  additional compensation. By the end of June, he’d had enough of the frustrating situation, and quit.

Busbee explained how he made numerous attempts to recover the funds by sending invoices, but to no avail. “I have spoken with you on numerous occasions since you wrote the three (3) checks, and I have received only empty promises to match my empty pockets,” one of his invoices (submitted as evidence) states.”

As a result of the inconveniences he faced during the project, he says he was forced to pay his workers out of his own pocket. Last year, on September 26, 2016, Busbee appeared in court with Drayton, who admitted the payment had not been made. Drayton also reportedly agreed to make restitution payments over the next year.

Going After OLG Restaurant

OLG Restaurant sign

In the latest lawsuit, Busbee explained how none of the payments were made as Drayton claimed they would be. So to put that extra stank on it, Busbee is now seeking the money he’s owed, plus interest. In addition to the amount he’s demanding, he is also claiming a lien on the Old Lady Gang restaurant property located at 185 Peters Street in Atlanta, GA.

The latest news comes after the Old Lady Gang made headlines for their recent health inspection. Initially, the restaurant was hit with several violations, but days later, Kandi confirmed that the situation had been resolved because they’d made the proper changes to correct the issues. Hopefully, this latest matter is resolved just as swiftly.