Damon Wayans Jr. Spoke Out About His Reality Star Baby Mama Having Kid With Dwayne Wade

Posted On : September 7, 2017

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Whenever you hear the name Wayans, you probably associate the name with lots of talent and laughter. So it comes as no surprise that Damon Wayans Jr. is an apple that didn’t fall far from the family tree. Damon Jr. is a talented actor, scriptwriter, and stand-up comedian, just like his pops, Damon Sr. In fact, he’s made quite a name for himself over the years and he’s now a celebrity in his own right. Now, the 35-year-old actor has children of his own, but most fans probably don’t know he and Miami Heat star, Dwyane Wade, have a child by the same woman.

Dwyane’s Love Child:

Remember when Dwyane Wade had a love child with another woman during the time he and Gabrielle Union were “taking a break?” Well, Damon also has kids with that woman and her name is Aja Metoyer. When details surfaced about Wade’s love child, of course, the reports sparked a media firestorm. At the time, Damon was asked about the situation, and he revealed that although he and Aja were high school sweethearts with lots of history, they lead totally different lives now. The famed actor made it clear that his daughters are his priority when it comes to Aja, according to Madame Noir. “I really have nothing to do with Aja’s situation. We both live completely separate lives, aside from co-parenting. My concern is my daughters and that they don’t get hurt in any of this.”

Damon Jr. with his daughters and his dad, Damon. Sr. (photo via bckonline.com)

He went on to confirm that his daughters “love their little brother [Xavier Wade] and that’s all I care about.” But, of course, Damon knows about the dark side of fame which is why he didn’t want his daughters being dragged into all the drama.

A Break Baby?:

Mother of Damon Wayans, Jr.’s and Dwayne Wade’s kids, Aja Metoyer formerly of “Basketball Wives”

Although the drama has subsided, there are still whispers about whether or not Dwyane and Aja’s son, Xavier, is a “break baby.” Shortly after details surfaced about Aja’s pregnancy, she was immediately labeled as a “side chick,” a “homewrecker,” and any other undesirable name you can think of despite Dwyane’s claims about taking a break from his relationship with Gabrielle Union. Even though Dwyane adamantly insists he didn’t cheat on Gabrielle, Aja was still dragged. During a recent interview with OK! magazine, she finally decided to clear the air and set the record straight about her relationship with the NBA baller. Aja claims it’s all very simple: numbers don’t lie.

Dwayne Wade with his four kids; His and Aja’s son, Xavier, is sitting atop Dwayne’s shoulders (photo via HipHopHollywood)

“I think that a little bit of mathematics needs to be done. I’ve known the person ten years,” Aja explained. “My son is not a break baby. He’s almost four. Do the math,” she continued. “I’ve never been a mistress, side chick, any of those things,” she insisted. “I’m not a homewrecker… I wish I was a little Jezebel, you know? It might have worked out for me better that way,” she joked. But on a serious note, Aja revealed she knows how it feels to be cheated on so she wouldn’t have done that to another woman. “I’ve been cheated on, do you think I’m going to be an accomplice,” she asked. “Someone cheated with my man, why would I put that pain on someone else?”

And there you have it ILOSM fam’…all’s well that ends well. Wishing the blended families all the best going forward.