Dang! See HOW MUCH $$ The IRS Demands From Mary J. For 3rd Time in 3 Yrs!

Posted On : June 27, 2016

Mary J. Blige has made it no secret that she’s had some bad luck with the IRS in recent years and unfortunately it looks like she’s just struck out for the third time in THREE years with Uncle Sam and the new tax lien they just hit her with. It’s always disappointing when this happens to such hard working entertainers like Mary J.. She’s been busting her butt to take care of herself and her loved ones for decades and one would think that her career is now on the ‘smooth sailing’ level- the level where she only performs because she loves it, not because she HAS to. The IRS has a reality check for her though, if she doesn’t find a way to cut THEM a check and fast….


mary j4 TMZ reported this:

On one hand, Mary J. Blige is making progress in the tax lien dept -- her tabs are getting lower, but on the other hand ... she still has to pay 'em. The state of NJ dropped a new lien on MJB to the tune of $166,292.77. This one's way more manageable than her past tax debts. She settled a lien for $900k with Jersey in 2014, but appears to still be on the hook for a $3.4 million tab with the IRS.
Mary J. Bilge probably feels like that 80's Rockwell song, "Somebody's Watching Me," because it looks like every time she takes two steps forward with her tax debt the IRS is in her back window and her back accounts watching every new shiny penny she earns, waiting to pounce on it. That's just the way it is though, we all know the IRS don't play! Hope Mary J. has learned from this. SEE WHAT SHE SAID ABOUT HER TAX SITUATION...

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