Daughter Of Martin & Ex Graduates College, Celebrates With Their Blended Family

Posted On : May 22, 2018

Martin Lawrence and his ex-wife are beaming with pride after their 22 year old daughter, Jasmine Lawrence, graduated with honors (cum laude) from Duke University!


A Blended Family Affair

Martin celebrated his eldest child’s college graduation, with his two ex-wives, Patricia Southhall and Shamicka Gibbs; his current fiancee, Roberta Moradfar; and his 1st wife, Patricia’s, husband/NFL legend, Emmitt Smith. In a jolly Instagram photo, it was clear to see that Jasmine has many “parents” who have loved her unconditionally throughout her life. Matter of fact, it looked like they should have had Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” blastin’ behind them as their theme song.

Martin shared a message for his daughter on Instagram, following her graduation:

“Congrats to my 1st born. I’m so proud of you Jasmin. Keep doin your thing. I love you so much! #Dukeuniversity #cumlaude”


He followed it up with this blended family photo…

Congrats baby girl. I’m so proud of you #Family #ProudDad

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Jasmine’s mother, Patricia, shared a touching video of herself and Jasmine at the graduation. The proud mother cried tears of joy as she embraced her daughter…



Pat also brought along several family members to celebrate Jasmine on her big day…



Shamicka Lawrence, who refers to herself as Jasmine’s “bonus mom,” shared the same blended family pic as Martin, onto her Instagram page, with a heartfelt message for Jasmine, whom she’s known since she was 10 months old:

“Our @jasmin_lawrence We are so proud of you and your many accomplishments in life. But are most proud of you for the exquisite young woman that you have become. I fell in love with when you were 10 months old. The gift of being your Bonus Mommy is one of the best gifts that God could have ever given me. The bond that we all have as a blended family is so unique and special. You are loved by so many because you love with a pure heart. I love you so much😘😘😘😘 #blendedfamily #graduation #duke #thankful #preciousmoments #family #bonds”

Emmitt Smith showed love to his stepdaughter as well:



Martin’s fiancee, Roberta, also calls herself Jasmine’s “bonus mom” and she showed love to her soon to be stepdaughter:

“Such an emotional day but definitely a blessed one. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas who make sacrifices to in order to see days like this! 💞
I love you so much Jazzipoo @jasmin_lawrence & thank you for wanting me to be a part of this beautiful, special day. You will be able to do whatever it is you dream because God has given you all the tools you need. Know that your “village” is always with you. We have your back baby girl #BlendedFamily #Graduate #Duke #ProudBonusMom”

In addition to Jasmine, Martin Lawrence also has two more younger daughters with Shamicka Lawrence, whom were both in attendance for Jasmine’s Duke graduation.

Martin’s 2 Year Marriage Jinx

After the show is the after party #LitAFTour @martinlawrence my ❤️

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Speaking of Martin’s fiancee though, should she be worried? That seems like a valid question, based on Martin’s past marital patterns. The “Bad Boys” star proposed to Roberta in April 2017 and it’s obvious he loves her to death. But will he finally be able to avoid his 2 year marriage jinx after they jump the broom?

You see, Martin and Shamicka Lawrence were together for a total of 17 years, but only married for 2 of them, before finally divorcing in 2012. Martin and Patricia Southhall were married in 1995 and divorced in 1997. See the pattern here? Maybe when it comes to his current love, third time will be the charm. Keeping our fingers crossed for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.