Daughter Of Sidney Poitier Died Suddenly, Now He & Her Kids Are Pushing Forward In Her Honor

Posted On : March 21, 2019

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When acting legend, Sidney Poitier, married his now ex-wife, Juanita Hardy, in 1950, they would have never imagined that 50+ years later, they’d have to lay one of their beautiful children to rest. To say that is just not the natural order of life, is an understatement, it is the greatest pain that no parent should ever have to face. Unfortunately last year, in mid-2018, it is a pain that Sidney and Juanita came to know firsthand, when they lost their beloved daughter, Gina.

As they continue to adjust to their ‘new normal,’ the Oscar winning actor has had to face a ‘new first’ this year. As we previously reported, he celebrated his 92nd birthday in February 2019. Though that is a blessing in itself, it was the Uptown Saturday Night star’s first time celebrating his birthday without his 4th born (of 6) child, here with them in over five decades. Read more below…

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