Daughter’s Years Old Confession About Chris Darden Resurfaces After He Quits Nipsey Hussle Case

Posted On : May 11, 2019

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When Christopher Darden- the prosecutor from the 1995 O.J. Simpson trial- decided to take on the case of Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer, Eric Holder, everybody and their Mommas questioned his motives. Many people asked ‘Why in the hell would Darden put himself back into the position of being a ‘sell out’ yet again…didn’t he learn from the O.J. trial?’

Well, as y’all already know, if Darden didn’t get the message back then, he’s apparently received it now, after withdrawing from Holder’s case on Friday, May 10th, citing death threats his family has received from “cowards” online.

Now that his tenure as Holder’s defense attorney is a wrap, the words that his daughter spoke in 2016 have resurfaced, giving insight into what she despised about being the child of Christopher Darden.

Many were already aware of Darden’s daughter’s April 2019 statement, addressing the backlash over his participation in the Nipsey Hussle murder trial. However, it’s her newly resurfaced 2016 confession that let folks know how she REALLY feels about her Pop’s professional decisions and how it tainted her life.

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