Dave Chappelle Tells What Happened When R.Kelly & His ‘Goons’ Confronted Him Over ‘Pee’ Skit

Posted On : April 17, 2023
Dave Chappelle; R. Kelly

Everybody and their Mommas remember the infamous Dave Chappelle Show, right? That was when Dave and his crew created some of the most epic TV sketch comedy moments of the early 2000’s and we loved it.

One said epic moment many will never forget, was Dave’s “Piss On You” skit, which made clowned R. Kelly over the infamous allegation that he enjoys urinating on young females during sex. Well, although the controversial skit drew high ratings and laughs across TV land, R. Kelly and his “goons” were far from laughing. In fact, according to Chappelle, they were hella pissed. He’s now revealed what went down and that too, was epic.

Chappelle’s Run-In With R. Kelly Was Dangerous…And Hilarious

For Starters, Here’s A Quick Refresher Of “Piss On You Skit”

In the Dave Chappelle Show skit, Chappelle dressed as a fake R. Kelly and sang: “Take me to your special place/ Close your eyes, show me your face…I’m gonna piss on it. ** Haters wanna hate/lovers wanna love/ I don’t even want none of the above/I want to piss on yoooouuu.”

To Make Matters Worse (For R. Kelly)

As ‘fake R. Kelly’…when Chappelle was shown singing in a club, serenading a young woman while holding a toilet seat up to her head, fans cracked up at the comical and shocking satire of it all…except R. Kelly.

R. Kelly’s “Goons Bust” Into Chapelle’s Dressing Room At Common’s Concert?

Dave stepped on stage at the WeHo Improv comedy spot where his former Chapelle Show co-star, Donnell Rawlings, was performing, to recall the day R. Kelly and goons stepped to him:

“We was in Chicago at a Common show and his goons bust in my room. …I don’t know if it was [Kelly’s] goons [but] they sure did like him.”

Then R. Kelly Emerged

Dave Says Kellz Asked The Oddest Question. Chappelle: “He [R. Kelly] said, ‘How are you gonna do the video of me peeing on [girls] like that?’

Dave’s Reaction Was Priceless

“And I said, ‘How YOU gonna do a video of you ‘peeing on b**ches like that’?!!” Chappelle told R. Kelly. Then he burst into Kellz’ lyrics, “My mind’s telling me NOOOO!” and the crowd fell out.

But Then Dave Got Serious And Gave A Bold Message On the Mic

Chappelle Urged Comedians To Keep Steppin’ Up To Call Out Wrongdoings. Dave unapologetically urged the comedians who were in the audience, to continue calling out wrongdoings, like he’d done with R. Kelly:

“Let’s make a comedy movement where ni&&as say what’s wrong, because…it’s gotta be done…”

What Chappelle & D. L. Hughley Said About The Skit

D.L. and Dave were leaving a restaurant together a while back, when a cameraman stopped them to ask about the backlash Chappelle received over the R. Kelly skit, following the Surviving R. Kelly doc.’ Dave didn’t sweat it, but D.L. called out R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, stating, “Ultimately, they’re great singers, but horrible babysitters.”

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