Days After Getting Odd Tattoo Of Ex, Raven Symone, Orlando Brown Is Arrested..Again

Posted On : June 5, 2018

Nope former “Family Matters” actor, Orlando Brown, did not get arrested for stalking his ex, Raven Symone, which wouldn’t seem farfetched, given his new strange tattoo of her. He did, however, unfortunately get arrested for drug possession and is still locked up as far as we know.

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Why He Was Arrested

Throughout the past few years, the former “That’s So Raven” star, has had a plethora of legal problems. This go ’round he was reportedly caught red-handed, steppin’ out of a trap house:

Via TMZ– [Orlando Brown] was arrested Monday afternoon in Las Vegas after cops witnessed him go in and out of a motel in a high drug and prostitution area … according to law enforcement sources. We’re told cops pulled over the cab Brown got in after he quickly left the motel, and he initially refused to cooperate with cops during the stop … so he was cuffed. Our sources say cops found a bag of drugs on Brown — later determined to be meth — and a pipe … and also discovered a warrant out for his arrest for an unrelated domestic violence case.

Orlando Brown’s mugshot, showing new Raven Symone tattoo on his neck; June 2018 (via TMZ)

Orlando was ultimately hit with a felony charge for narcotics possession and misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and drug paraphernalia.

After Disrespecting Raven, Orlando Shows Off Neck Tattoo

Back to that epic Raven Symone tatt’ of his. In case y’all didn’t notice, in Orlando’s latest mugshot, his new Raven tattoo is on full display. A few days ago, he’d previously popped up on social media, proudly showing off his new tatt’ in the video clip below…

Why is that whole thing strange? For several reasons. First up, we’ll start with the fact that although he dated Raven back in the day, when they co-starred on That’s So Raven, they broke up years ago, and according to Orlando, she doesn’t even keep in touch with him. Next up is the fact that he crossed the line when he told the world about his and Raven’s past sex-scapades in a prior interview.

As we previously reported, during an interview with Vlad TV, Orlando was asked about a line he rapped in his song, “No Fear,” where he talked about Raven performing oral sex on him and vice versa. That’s when he decided to give WAY too much information…as if the oral sex line wasn’t already enough. In the video below, Orlando, went into yet another strange rant when he compared Raven’s breasts to cataracts eye disease…told y’all he went far, in a weird way though. Anywho, he starts talking about their past together around the 2:57 (video contains graphic language)…

Raven Chose NOT To Include Orlando In Show’s Reboot

After it was announced, in 2017, that Raven was bringing “Raven’s Home”- a spin off of the highly acclaimed kid’s show, “That’s So Raven”- to television, her fans were excited. But there was one catch, Orlando Brown, who was a vital part of “That’s So Raven’s” prior success, would have NO parts of her new show. Translation: Raven is not trying to be anywhere near her ex-boyfriend who runs his mouth a tad too much for her liking.

At any rate, maybe Orlando will find solace in his new neck tattoo of Raven, every time he looks in the mirror. Also, we hope the brotha gets whatever help he needs, because he’s actually an incredibly talented actor.