Ouch! Terrence Howard Gets Bad News From Judge But Ex-Wife ‘Bout To Come Up!

Posted On : June 25, 2017
Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard has been battling his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent’s claims for years now. Unfortunately for the Empire head honcho, he lost that battle on Wednesday..at least so far it seems that way.

Their Rocky Marriage

Many of y’all may recall our previous report on the rocky marriage between Terrence and Michelle. They both claimed they were physically abused by each other, and then had a nasty divorce process and aftermath in 2012. Terrence claimed that Michelle extorted him for money and coerced him into signing a shady spousal support agreement. Why? Well, because he said that she had been threatening to release embarrassing info about him, reportedly including some sort of sex video and/or photos.

Terrence Howard’s Claims Against Ex-Wife

Terrence Howard with then wife, Michelle Ghent

In 2015, he won in court after he’d taken Michelle back to court to request that she does not have access to his Empire checks because she’d used the embarrassing info to convince him into signing the spousal support paperwork. At that time, the judge reversed the agreement and his Empire checks became off limits to Michelle.

Ex-Wife’s Recent Victory Against Howard

It’s new day now and as of Wednesday, June 21st (2017), a Superior Court judge ruled to reverse Terence’s 2015 victory. The Superior judge stated that it did not appear that Terrence was coerced into signing the 2012 agreement, in which Michelle would get $5,800 monthly and a percentage of his then upcoming Empire earnings and his other income in what amounted to up to $4 million per year for her. Now Michelle is free to go after Terrence’s Empire bread- something that many suspect is her very next move.

Judge Calls Them Both “Bullies”

According to Page Six, the judge’s ‘ruling says the passage of time negates Howard’s claim that he was forced to sign the agreement. The ruling also noted Howard’s repeated attempts to reconcile with his ex-wife as showing he was not coerced into the agreement.’

It was also reported that Superior Court Judge, Thomas Trent Lewis, told Terrence Howard that he’d “met his match” in regards to Michelle and the hostile tactics both are reportedly known to have used toward each other. The judge called both of them “bullies” and went on to say this:

“Mutual bullying does not describe a relationship in which one party’s will is subsumed by the other’s, and does not warrant setting aside a judgment as a matter of law,” the ruling Wednesday said.

Howard also has to pay the cost of his ex-wife’s appeal filing expenses.

What Would “Lucious Lyon” Do?

Terrence Howard as ‘Lucious Lyon’ in “Empire”

From what we hear, Terence is making some SERIOUS paper from Empire, as he should, because the brotha puts in serious work to bring out the best -or shall I say- the worst in ‘Lucious Lyon.’

Good thing Howard isn’t ‘Lucious’ in real life though, because if ‘Cookie Lyon’ would’ve done this to him, I’m sure he’d be scheming up some plot to take her down as we speak. Thankfully Terrence Howard is not that guy.