Death Certificate Released, Nipsey Hussle Was Still Alive Longer Than Expected After Shooting

Posted On : April 9, 2019

More Than A Rapper & Entrepreneur…

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The only other factor that stood out about Nipsey’s death certificate, is that his occupation is listed as an “artist and entrepreneur.” While both of those descriptions are true, I think they are also modest. Why? Because the brotha was far more than an incredible rapper, who owned properties and several businesses. Though those are excellent accomplishments, Nipsey was an activist, who unselfishly tried to uplift his people and increase the value of his community.

He was in the midst of spreading the power of holistic health and natural healing to the masses, through his upcoming documentary about the late holistic healer, Dr. Sebi.

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Nipsey intentionally employed Black men who were ex-cons, because he knew the chances of them finding jobs after being released, were extremely low. However, as a reformed gang member himself, he also knew that those men are not animals and that they, too, have the ability to stay out of the streets and better themselves, if given the opportunity.

The list goes on and on about the amount of power and unselfish love Nipsey showed to the world at the young age of 33, but y’all get the picture. So, if there is anything I would add to his death certificate under ‘occupation,’ it would be that the brotha was a knowledge curator, who was on his way to being this generation’s Tupac, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King rolled up into one.

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