Debbie Allen &Sister, Phylicia Rashad, Are Gorgeous But Check Out Debbie’s Daughter

Posted On : June 29, 2017

Cosby Show/Empire’s Phylicia Rashad and her sister/actress/director/dancer, Debbie Allen

We all know Debbie Allen for being a very talented woman who wears many hats. She’s a dancer at heart, a director, an actress, a choreographer and dance instructor to many young people to this day. What many of us haven’t gotten a chance to know her as is a mother to her son, daughter, and stepson. It is her daughter, Vivian Nixon, that caught our attention for this article.
Debbie Allen and her daughter, Vivian Nixon

Vivian is the eldest baby of Debbie and her retired NBA baller husband, Norm Nixon. The Nixon’s have been married for the same length of time Vivian has been here- 33 years- and are still going strong.

Debbie’s Daughter presenting Her w/Gracie Award By Alliance For All Women In Media…

My beautiful Vivi ❤️ #thegracies

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Growing up in a household with two celebrity parents, it was only natural that Vivian inherited an attraction for the spotlight as well. As of today, Norm and Debbie couldn’t be more proud that their daughter decided to follow in her Mom’s and auntie Phylicia Rashad’s footsteps. She’s an actress, who like her mother, can twerk and dance something SERIOUS!

Debbie Allen with her husband, Norm Nixon, and their daughter, Vivian…


In case you missed our previous article, yes family, Debbie Allen twerks and we’re not mad at her for that. Okay, let me backtrack up a bit and note that Debbie wasn’t quite backin’ that thang up on nobody in Fame back in the day, but today at 67 years young, I’ll be damned if she can’t do it now. Don’t take my word for it though, check out Debbie doing her thing in the recent video she posted on Instagram…

The Syncopated Ladies at my house holla!! ❤️✨ @syncladies @chloearnoldtaps @maudiepooh

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See?!! Told y’all Mrs. Allen can cut a rug and twerk at the same time. Anyways, back to her daughter, Vivian was recently the star of the musical, Freeze Frame, which was directed by her mother. She spoke to Pop Source TV at the time and admitted that being directed by her mom was a challenge at times, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Check out her clips below and get flashbacks from Fame, Debbie’s Cosby Show appearance and…well, you get the point, Debbie’s daughter can dance and she ‘git it from her Momma’…


Another thing that can’t go unnoticed is that Vivian is a doppelganger of her mother and father combined. She is as beautiful as both her moms and aunt still are, with the talent and ambition to match.

It’s gonna be interesting watching this next generation of the Allen/Rashad offspring (Phylicia Rashad’s daughter is an actress also) grow and become forces to be reckoned with, just like their parents. Of course that’s a lotta pressure on the next generation, but it is what it is- they’re gonna have to go hard or go home- a reality I’m sure they’re already aware of.

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