“Dee” Is Kicking Her Cancer In The U-Know-What! Have U Seen Her Lately?

Posted On : July 12, 2015

BLOG dee doube picWe all used to love us some “Dee” from What’s Happening, didn’t we?!! One of my favorite lines was when she would tell Raj, “Oooohhh I’mma tell Mama!”
whats happening cast

Well nowadays she isn’t tattle-telling on folks, nor is she a little kid anymore. As many of you may have heard, Danielle announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of last year (2014), when she was 49 years old (she just turned 50 on June 24th), and she’s been fighting a tough fight ever since.

We’re not sure about the status of her cancer, but it sure does look like she is not letting it get the best of her by far. Check out how “Dee” looks now and wait ’til you see what else she’s been through…