Deion Sanders Responds After Son Publicly Blasts Him & His Other Children

Posted On : December 28, 2015

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It all started when Deion Sanders’ youngest sons, Shilo (14 yrs. old) and Shedeur (12 yrs. old), got into some sort of spat with their Dad at his home on Christmas day. According to Shilo, his Pops disapproved of their mom, Pilar Sanders (the one whom Deion has just gone through a messy divorce with) took both of them to get their ears pierced for Christmas.

Pilar Sanders
Pilar Sanders

Apparently Shilo and Shedeur were in for a wake up call when they showed up freshly pierced to collect their Christmas gifts from their Dad. Shilo soon took to Instagram to blast Deion for kicking them out with no Christmas gifts as a result of them getting their ears pierced, something they probably knew their dad wouldn’t approve of. Shilo didn’t stop there though. As of yesterday, December 27th, he was still taking shots at family members, except this time he was going at his older sister, Deiondria and his big brother, Deion Sanders Jr. In the midst of this, Deion responded on his own Instagram page to subliminally address the situation with his children. See how it all transpired below and tell us if you think the kids went too far, or if Deion should have taken a different approach…

Shedeur Sanders (L); Shiloh Sanders (R)
Shedeur Sanders (L) and Shilo Sanders (R) with their new ear piercings on Christmas day 2015

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Here’s the thing, just a few days before the whole Christmas dispute, Shilo also posted an Instagram pic and message to his older sister, Deiondria and brother, Deoin Jr., claiming that they were fake and that he didn’t appreciate how they view his mom, Pilar. So could this have been what actually started the blowup on Christmas? See what he posted on the next page…