Deion Sanders Tells Why He LOVES Babyface’s Ex Tracey Edmonds On ValentinesDay

Posted On : February 14, 2017
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Deion Sanders with girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds

NFL legend, Deion Sanders, has taken the time to profess the many reasons why he’s still in love with his woman, Tracey Edmonds, whom he’s been dating for a few years now. Tracey is the ex-wife of singer/super-producer, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, with whom she also has two kids with.

Babyface with then-wife, Tracey edmonds
Babyface with then-wife, Tracey Edmonds

Many of us have watched Deion’s and Tracey’s love grow on Deion’s reality series show, Deion’s Family Playbook, but for those who haven’t had a chance to peep it out yet, here’s a lil’ history on them:

    • Deion first starred in his reality series with his then-wife/mother of three of his five children, Pilar Sanders. the show was in limbo after Pilar and Deion divorced in 2013.
Deion Sanders with then-wife, Pilar Sanders
Deion Sanders with then-wife, Pilar Sanders
  • Then in 2014 Deion and family popped back into the reality TV scene on Oprah’s OWN network, except this time, he had his new girlfriend Tracey, featured on the show with him. Tracey is also co-producer of  Deion’s Family Playbook.
  • Babyface then appeared on the show and had a surprisingly cool lunch pow-wow with his ex-wife’s new man, Deion.

And now here we are…today on Valentine’s Day 2017, Deion took the liberty of expressing 21 reasons why he loves him some Tracey and his tribute to her was touching…

Happy Valentines to @traceyeedmonds She's more beautiful on the inside than she is outwardly. She is a great mother,a boss in her own company,smart,wise,considerate,great attitude,dresses appropriately for every occasion,doesn't seek meaningless attention,can speak intelligently on politics & multiple subjects,down to watch a game with her man,brings home the bacon,never confrontational,represents u well when u walk out the room,doesnt like the spotlight,meek not weak,loves to speak into the lives of young women,makes certain aint nobody getting over on her man,a pitbull in pumps,classy sophisticated,loving,caring,thoughtful,got her own from hard work and developing tv, movies & investments,never raises her voice,handles her Business and u know what that means and i trust her with my heart. And this is the part men worry about. She aint gon get out there on ya. She aint looking for a comeup when she already up. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BABY! God really blessed me with u girl. #Sunshine #Truth #21reasons

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By the way, it’s great to see that Tracey has found true love again. It took her a minute, given her very short marriage to Eddie Murphy (they married after her Babyface divorce), but she made it through, and found her perfect match in Deion. Wishing the lovebird couple a lifetime of happy couple bliss.