After Denial, Floyd Mayweather Sr, 65, Father Of 1 Yr. Old, Meet The Young Mom

Posted On : June 30, 2018

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. -boxing legend dad of Floyd Jr.- just got some news he thought he would not get: ‘You be’s the pappy!’ That is the confirmation he’s now received, following a lengthy paternity dispute with his 1 year old daughter’s mother.

It’s been reported that in April 2018, Mayweather Sr. finally agreed to take a paternity test, probably hoping to prove that he was not the father of his adorable little girl. He was then greeted with a precious gift- at least I hope he now views her that way- when the results came back with a probability of 99.99% that he is, in fact, the father.

Meet The Mommy & Their Lengthy Paternity Dispute

The battle over whether or not Floyd Sr. was the daddy of 1 year old Nalani Mayweather, dates back to October 2016, at the time of her conception. In court docs filed by the 29 year old mother, Purisa Farris, she broke the entire scenario down of how she’s been trying to get Floyd Sr. to support his little girl:

Purisa Farris (29), the mother of Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s 1 year old daughter (photo via TMZ)

Via The Blast: According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Mayweather Sr., 65, was sued for child support on January 16 by a 29-year-old woman named Purisa Farris. Farris claims Mayweather is the father of her 1-year-old daughter, Nalani Mayweather. She lists the date of conception as October 2016 and accuses him of failing to pay child support from October 2017 until December 2017.

She also revealed he was not present for Nalani’s birth:

According to official records, Mayweather was not listed as the father on the birth certificate but rather it was left blank. She claims he communicated with her during the pregnancy but was not present during the birth. Farris accuses him of not paying any medical expenses, providing support, clothing or food, nor has he visited the kid.

According to court records, Purisa Farris stated that she’s been telling Floyd Sr. he was the daddy from the jump, but he never wanted to admit that he was. Apparently, he was skeptical, but Farris stated that she knew he was the pappy because he was the only man she was dating at that time.

Welp, there won’t be anything left to prove about little Nahlani now, because Floyd Jr. now has a new little sister. As far as we know, that makes a total of 6 kids for Floyd Mayweather Sr.

So far, Floyd Sr.’s rep has not commented on this matter, his rep did however, comment on another legal matter involving a woman who attempted to sue Floyd Sr. recently…

Floyd Sr.’s OTHER Legal Issue Finally Cleared

A few days ago, it was announced that a judge determined that Floyd Sr. was NOT GUILTY of punching a woman who made the bogus claim against him in September 2017. She’d claimed that Floyd Sr. grabbed her and punched her in the leg, following the Canelo vs. GGG fight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Floyd Sr. has repeatedly denied the woman’s claims and on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, he was finally vindicated. His rep had this to say to TMZ Sports:

A rep for Floyd Sr. tells TMZ Sports … “The truth came out. Floyd Sr. is very happy this is behind him. He was never guilty. He’s happy it’s over.” The rep believes the accuser was only out for money — and tells us, “This is what greed does.”

Overall both of these legal issues are a win-win for Floyd Mayweather Sr.- he won the lawsuit against the bogus beatdown claim and he also gained a daughter.