Denzel Washington’s Son Graciously Checked Reporter Over His Mother Pauletta

Posted On : August 27, 2019

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Okay ILOSM family, before we kick this thing off, let’s first point out that Denzel and Pauletta Washington’s son, John David Washington, loves his Pops unconditionally…mmm-kay? However, he’s uh…praising his beautiful Mother far more, that’s all. In case you’re wondering where the hell this is coming from, let John David explain below (scroll down for his interview clip)…

(VIDEO) Put Some ‘Respeck’ On His Mama’s Name

When John David was promoting his film, The BlacKkKlansmen, in 2018 he caught the attention of many during a promo interview when he politely-yet-directly checked the NBC News interviewer.

Apparently, the interviewer gave Denzel props for influencing John David, but not Pauletta. John cut the interviewer off and it was apparent he wanted to make it clear that his Mother deserves far more props than his father, Denzel. His reaction caught the interviewer slightly off guard, but John did made some good points about the dynamic of the roles each of his parents played in his life. See what he said below:


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“[She] was earning more money than he was before they got married. She was on Broadway working, she paid for the first date- she paid the bill, paid the cab ride. So uh, [she’s a] classically trained pianist, went to Julliard [School of Arts]. So…she’s a great artist in her own right,” stated John David in his NBC interview.

(VIDEO) NOT His 1st Time Defending Mom

After the interview clip began circulating online, many wondered if there is some underlying tension between John and Denzel. Could or could not be, but John has discussed this same topic in interviews before.

As we previously reported, in his 2016 interview on “The Breakfast Club,” John made it clear he did NOT want to be compared to his Father, and is determined to carve his own space in Hollywood. He also made it clear yet again, that his Mom deserves most of the praise and not his Pops.

During that “TBC” interview, John was promoting the hit HBO series he stars in, “Ballers.” John introduced himself to the co-hosts as John David, which is only two thirds of his name. He conveniently left out his last name- Washington, with the hopes that he could set the tone for the interview to be solely focused on him and his work, and not the weight of carrying his Dad’s iconic last name.

John David Washington, a former NFL player-turned-actor, responded the same way in 2016 (he talks about his parents at the 4:30 mark of the video below).

TBC co-host Charlamagne: “You seem like you don’t like to tell people that [Denzel’s] your Pops.”

John David: “Absolutely not and like I said, football helped with that…I knew acting would be the subject where it was brought up, but that’s just what it is. And that’s why I talk about Pauletta Washington (his mother)because she in a lot of ways, in her own right, was more talented. […] That’s just what it is. […] My Mother was actually making more money than he was when they started. She was on Broadway, Julliard, classically trained pianist. On their first date, she paid for the date.”

NO DISRESPECT TO HIS DAD THOUGH…John also made it very clear that he was NOT trying to start any mess with his own Dad when TBC co-host, DJ Envy, asked if he was trying to start beef with his dad…

John David: “No, no, no, now see there you go, LOL. I just wanna bring awareness that Moms matter, Moms matter…LOL. It’s very important that I say that.”

So as y’all can see, we’re right back where we started in the beginning- which is, John David loves his pops, Denzel, to death. He’s just praising his talented mother, Pauletta, WAY more…that’s all.