What The?!! Diana Dated THIS $300Mil’ White Rock N Roll Icon!

Posted On : December 23, 2015

fb gene and dianaOdd couple alert! As far we knew, the legendary Diana Ross’ exes have either been successful White businessmen, or successful African American men, all of whom were pretty much clean cut guys, like Motown fonder Berry Gordy, or her ex-husband- the late billionaire shipping tycoon, Arne Naess, Jr.. But never have we known about a rock n’ roll legend ex-boyfriend of her’s, who fits the characteristic of definitely being a wealthy man, but he was a little different from Diana’s other exes because he is a rocker to the core. His rock n’ roll lifestyle combined with Diana’s soul music essence is a weird blend, but it obviously worked- for two years in fact. He said that he even lived with her and her three daughters for a while.

This guy is a legend in rock n’ roll music and his career started in the 1970’s, but he and his band are still big today. Tap the next button to see who he is and prepare to be amazed!