Didn’t Learn: Nick Gordon Arrested For His 2nd Domestic Violence Incident In Less Than A Year

Posted On : March 11, 2018

Three years after Bobby Brown’s and Whitney Houston’s beloved daughter, Bobbi Kristina, died, following what many Brown believes was murder by her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, Gordon has landed himself back in jail. For what you ask? You guessed- domestic violence…for the SECOND time in less than a year.

Nick Gordon’s Latest mugshot, following another domestic violence arrest (photo via TMZ)

News has just surfaced that the troubled 28 year old is still sitting in a Florida jail following some sort of violent dispute. Here are the most recent details:

(Via TMZ) Gordon was arrested by cops in Seminole, Florida for an incident referred to as “battery-touch or strike.” It is listed as a domestic violence case. He bonded out after posting $500, but has not been released as of yet.

Details On Nick’s Prior Domestic Violence Arrest For Brutally Beating New Girlfriend

Nick Gordon and his new girlfriend, Laura Lea, made headlines in June 2017, after she called the cops on him, stating that he’d brutally beaten her at his home for 6 hours straight. She also released photos of her bruised body at that time and said it was a “miracle” she didn’t “end up dead like Bobbi Kristina.” By August 2017, Laura fought to have the charges against Nick dropped and never said another word publicly about it…until months later…with Nick…
The Odd New Claims

Lo and behold, by October 2017, Laura and Nick reappeared as some sort of happy couple for their new DailyMail interview. It was a very odd, and at one point, Nick’s publicist shouted repeatedly to Nick, telling him not to answer a certain question about the abuse, as Nick ignored him. Nick then spoke to try clear his name, saying that Laura was not in danger during the time he brutally beat her down.

Laura was then asked about their fight and why she dropped charges. At first she looked at Nick for approval to speak on it, then she went above and beyond to prove how much SHE is to blame for him beating her…

Via DM: “I take full responsibility and that’s why charges were dropped because it really was me [to blame],” [Laura said]. … And in stark contrast to her original claims, receptionist Laura now states that the only true fear she had that night was of herself. She explained: “I was in fear of myself and my own anger and fear of what I can push him to. In fear you know of where our argument and hours of delusional actions, just viciousness, might go. She added: “That’s what I really learned. I have my own issues. It’s me. And Nick has been one of the greatest people in my entire life to work through that with me. I have my own anger issues and the best friend that I have by my side is Nicholas Gordon.”

Girlfriend Stumbles When Asked This Question…
When the interviewer asked Laura why she chose to call the cops, Laura said “I honestly feared that I had a concussion” But when asked how she got the concussion, she stalled and outwardly questioned “Am I saying to much?….Uh…I fell.” The whole time Nick was sitting their with a straight face looking forward, like he ain’t got no worries.

Bobby Brown Wants Nick ‘Raped’ & Beaten In Jail

By now, everyone knows that Nick Gordon was suspected of domestic abuse in the wake of Bobbi Kristina’s untimely death. It was later reported that her body was badly bruised when she was discovered unconscious, supposedly by Nick, in her bathtub. But despite the Houston and Brown families’ speculation, Nick is still a free man, but the criminal investigation, which still lists him as a ‘person of interest’ is still an open case.


During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Bobby Brown shared his brutally honest opinion of Nick and how he hopes karma finds its way to Nick’s doorstep. In 2017, Nick Gordon was ordered to pay Bobbi Kristina’s estate $36million (which he clearly doesn’t have), after being found liable for Bobbi’s death in a wrongful death civil  lawsuit the estate filed. In the interview, Bobby was asked if he felt justice had been served in connection with his daughter’s death. Bobby made it clear he doesn’t feel justice has been served at all:

“Justice? If he [Nick Gordon] was locked up somewhere, where somebody can rape him. That’s just how I feel. He raped me by taking my daughter away.” He continued, “Domestic violence is just the worst s**t in the world… We started the Serenity House because women will go through it and think they are wrong, like it’s their fault. So we’re doing this to build houses, like safe havens, for women that are being abused to get away from the relationship and get some therapy spiritually and mentally.”

Bobbi Kristina would have been 25 years old on March 4, 2018. Like her father, many are suspicious about Nick Gordon’s involvement, especially after learning that he was also present when her mother, Whitney Houston, died in her hotel room bathtub in 2012. That could all be a coincidence though. IF anyone is responsible for their deaths, hopefully justice will be served.