Director Jordan Peele Finally Reveals What ‘Us’ Was Really About

Posted On : June 16, 2019

‘We’re All Going To Hold Hands’…

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When I thought to put the Hands Across America in this film as an example of this American duality, that here you have this event,” Peele explains. “On the one hand, it’s a beautiful thing. Right? We’re all going to get together. We’re all going to hold hands. And somehow, that’s going to cure hunger.

“The illusion that we’re contributing to something that actually is making change, as opposed to something that kind of makes us feel better and absolves us of our responsibility to enact actual change.”

There’s this expanding idea of what the word ‘us’ means,” Jordan Peele continues. “‘Us’ can mean many different things. The only thing consistent about the idea of Us is when you have an ‘us,’ you have a ‘them.’ Every one of us and our doppelganger share a soul. We have a fated connection that isn’t always exact.

“I described it as being sort of poetic-connection. Fate and magic of the soul doesn’t work in a sort of scientifically dependable way, which is one of the reasons that underpasses the concept didn’t work for the creators.”

Also, if you’re interested in a deeper video explanation, check out the masterful collection below.