During Divorce, Many Didn’t Expect Duane To Seek Latest Demand From Tisha Campbell

Posted On : July 31, 2018

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As Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin hash out the lengthy details of their divorce proceedings, things have just taken a turn that most probably didn’t expect. In fact, Tisha, herself, probably didn’t even expect this one…

What Duane Wants

Typically, it’s been assumed that Duane was the one bringing in most of the money in recent years. He reportedly had several business ventures, outside of acting. However, apparently that ain’t all true, because he’s just asked the court to grant him money from his wife instead:

Via The Blast: Duane Martin and his estranged wife Tisha Campbell-Martin are in for a battle over spousal support. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Duane is asking the court to award him support as he and Tisha move to end their 21-year marriage. This runs counter to Tisha’s original divorce complaint filed in February, where she asked the court to award her spousal support. Both sides are good with joint custody of the couple’s two children: Ezekiel, 8, and Xen, 16.

This is the latest in a series of legal accusations the legendary couple have been involved in, ever since Tisha marched on down to the courthouse to file those divorce papers. If y’all missed that, check out what we previously reported below…

What Tisha Is Accusing Duane Martin Of

The former “Martin” actress is accusing Duane of hiding major money from her as they go through the divorce process. She’s now asking the judge to to take action against Duane for trying to play her.

It’s not yet known how much money Tisha’s accusing Duane from hiding from her, but according to her latest court filing, she says he hid and misappropriated money during their marriage. For those reasons, she wants payback.

At that time, Tisha was seeking spousal support from Duane and she also wants to block him from being eligible of receiving spousal support of any kind from her.

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Tisha & Duane Accused Of Money Fraud

They both are currently caught up in a bankruptcy fraud lawsuit, which ultimately, Duane is taking the blame for…after Tisha told the court it was all his fault.

They’ve been fighting to prove to the court that they did not intentionally hide thousands during their prior bankruptcy filing, but apparently a judge ain’t buying it.The Martins are accused of purposely hiding $50,000 during their prior bankruptcy filing, in order to pocket the money, instead of properly paying their dues. In a March court filing, Duane and Tisha finally both responded to the claims and in doing so, they also revealed just how tense things between them actually are and/or was.

Via TheBlast: Duane Martin is pleading with the court to not sanction him and his estranged wife after the trustee in their divorce claimed they hid $50,000 in acting residuals. The crux of the argument is over a $125,000 payment that was made late to the Trustee, and an alleged misunderstanding over which residuals the Trustee is entitled to given that the Martins thought they were buying back their rights:

In his declaration, Duane admits he “Had problems determining what amounts might be owed to the estate” when he delivered a check for Tisha’s residuals. He says the blunder falls squarely on his shoulders: “Prior to our separation, I handled the family finances and business finances by myself. I recognized then that I was not capable of preparing an accounting by myself.”

Duane then revealed that things are apparently so bad between him and Tisha, that communication between them is and/or was pretty much nonexistent and that when they do talk, they beef:

Duane says, “We were having difficulty communicating with each other and agreeing about major and minor issues, including who to retain to prepare the accounting requested by the Trustee.”

Seeing them end their 21 year union, makes me feel like that classic line Chris Rock cited in the movie, “Boomerang” – “Damn, first the Fat Boys break up…now this.”