“Freak Like Me” Singer Adina Howard Shaves Head & Embraces Her Gray Hair..Still Fine At 43

Posted On : April 9, 2018

The year was 1995 when singer, Adina Howard, had women everywhere singing the lyrics to her hit single:  “I need a freak in the morning, a freak in the evening…just like me…I need a rough neck bother who can satisfy me…”. It was a time of liberation for women who wanted to be free to express their sensuality without being judged about it and having unrealistic expectations placed on them, as if they’re supposed to be non-humans who are void of sexual desires and such.

Singer Adina Howard before shaving her head (via Instagram)

Thankfully, Adina came along at just the right time, to spread her non-apologetic sexual/sensual liberated messages to the the world, with songs like “Freak Like Me” and “Do You Wanna Ride.” Fast forward to 2018 and ol’ girl is STILL making noise in more ways than one. Check Adina Howard out now in her newly beautifully bald and gray glory…

Adina Howard Is Happy To Be Gray & Bald

A few months ago, 44 year old Adina Howard decided that it was time for a change in her look. So she decided to not only switch things up with her hairdo, but to also embrace her gray strands at the same time and we love it! In a series of social media posts, Adina shared her journey from natural longer hair, to shaved bald head.

Here’s The Video  Of Her Head Shaving Experience:

Then Adina admitted that even though she later dyed her hair copper, she went back to her original brown and silver colored hair, because she actually prefers her grown woman natural beauty instead.

As y’all can see, Adina Howard is still a straight up GODDESS and a FINE one at that! Go ‘head Adina!

That Time She Went Viral For Another Reason

Before shaving her head this year (2018), Adina caused another stir-up across the internet in recent years, when her sexy photoshoot went viral among both the youngins and old schoolers alike. Below is the photo that kicked off the social media hype, in which Adina showed off her GROWN woman sexy swag. Although most eyes were focused on other things in the photo (understandably so), the point was to tell folks her new album, “Resurrection,” was coming soon…

What She’s Doing Now

She has a TOTALLY unexpected career that’s waaay different from singing:
Adina is fulfilling her new passion as Chef Adina on a resort in Arizona. She decided to go to school to study culinary arts. It may seem like a stretch from singer to chef but Adina said the transition was natural for her. She wanted to pursue a skill that would allow her to live a life that wasn’t so public. So she prayed about it.

“Lord, you know who I am because you did this. You know I can’t just have any job. Find me a job where I will not be questioned.”

“To me, food is another form of entertainment and it’s also a form of seduction. I just want to be inside you.” Adina talked about the immediate gratification she gets from cooking for people. You touch them in ways that music can’t touch them. You actually savor the food, it marinates on the inside. You stay with them for a while.” -via MadameNoire

She hosts an online R&B radio show:

Still making beautiful music:

Aside from seducing people’s palettes with her cooking abilities, she is enjoying a quiet life with her husband and her family, and she releases music in her spare time as what she says is now a “hobby.”

It’s a beautiful thing to see Adina exploring her passions in life and she’s representin’ the Old School VERY well while at it!