Donnie Simpson And Wife’s Multi-Ethnic Family Photo Caught Many Fans By Surprise

Posted On : October 23, 2020

Donnie Simpson

The legendary Donnie Simpson is known for being many things, including the former host of BET’s “Video Soul” show back in the day, as well as a decades-long radio personality, which he still is today. Behind the scenes though, he’s known as a true family man, with a wife of 45 years, Pam Simpson; their two children; several grandkids; and in-laws.
Donnie Simpson and wife, Pam Simpson

It’s his love of family that adds to the mass appeal he’s maintained for decades, as an honorable celebrity both on and off camera. Following the revelation of his family photo however, it’s also something that has now become a great conversation starter for many of his fans.

Meet The Simpsons’ Son

Donnie Simpson’s son, Donnie Jr.

A while back we introduced all of you, in our I Love Old School Music fam,’ to Donnie and Pam Simpson’s son, Donnie Jr., who is also a well known a pastry chef and the owner of Uprising Muffin Co. in Washington, D.C..

At one point Donnie Jr. followed in his Pop’s footsteps and worked in the radio industry as a producer on his dad’s radio show on WPGC in Washington D.C.. After WPGC made the decision to attract a younger audience, Donnie Sr. and Donnie Jr. said ‘Peace out’ to the station in 2010 and that’s when Donnie Jr. decided to follow his other passion and so far business has been booming for the brotha and his wife.

Meet The Simpson’s Daughter

Donnie and Pam’s beautiful daughter, Dawn, is a 2nd grade school teacher.

Donnie Simpson’s wife, Pam ((L) with their daughter, Dawn (R); via Facebook

Meet Their Multi-Racial Family

Introducing the blended Simpson fam’…

Donnie and Pam Simpson with their son, Dawn and daughter, Donnie Jr; their son and daughter in-laws; and their grandchildren; via Facebook

What we noticed, after Donnie shared a photo family pic online, is that some of his fans were apparently caught off guard after learning that both of his children married outside of their race.

Donnie Simpson’s daughter, Dawn; grandkids; and son-in-law, John

Dawn and her husband also welcomed a new baby boy in January 2020. Donnie shared the precious photo below and captioned it with:

“My daughter, Dawn & her husband, John, blessed us with our 6th grand baby today. It’s their 3rd.
It’s a beautiful boy and his name is Miles Hudson. With a name like Miles, you know he’s cool.
Thank you Lord for blessing my family so. #BabyMiles💙 #blessed #proudgrandy”

Donnie Simpson holding his new grandbaby, Miles

Donnie Jr. and his wife, Katie have been happily married for years…

Donnie Simpson Jr. and his wife, Katie

They also share three children…

Donnie and Pam Simpson with three of their grandbabies (their son and daughter-in-law’s children)

Donnie Jr.’s and Dawn’s spouses are White, as you can see, and some fans have expressed their shock:

One fan wrote, “Ummmmm…. well…..I guess the kids had a preference. All in all…nice family pic.”

Another fan questioned, “Who are all these white ppl?”

And then another followed with the same question, “Wait, is this his family????”

It’s understandable why many may be surprised at Donnie’s family, given that he and his wife, Pam, have been like a pillar of #BlackLove for so many decades. However, the thing that cannot be ignored is that they all clearly love each other, beyond color lines.

That fact is also evident by the touching online tribute Donnie Simpson paid to his daughter on her wedding day in 2015. His post captured the essence of a father coming to terms with the fact that his little girl ain’t so little anymore. It also captured the essence of what transpires after the realization that when we pull back the outward layers of skin tones, race and all of the unfortunate social issues that come with it, there is a human element that lies within.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is oftentimes way too difficult to merely get to that pure, human element without seeing race. Why? Because the fact of the matter is that there are far too many injustices stemming from slavery, that still plagues our society today, but it’s still cool to witness the human element of color-less love in all of it’s shades when we get the opportunity to. Thus, we leave y’all with Donnie’s tribute to his daughter and son-in law:

I’ve been dying to tell you how my daughter’s wedding went, but I wanted to wait for a photo I could include. Plus it’s…

Posted by Donnie Simpson on Tuesday, April 14, 2015